Last Minute ME and Airtran Question


OK, we leave in 3 days. We are flying Airtran. Has anyone checked in online the day before? Do you get to pick your seats then if you don’t have them already?

Also we are doing ME. I will put the tags on but since it is Airtran do I need to pick them up from baggage claim and take them somewhere?



Disney will get your bags on the way in and take them to your resort. On your way home you will have to handle your bags. We flew SWA last summer nad had to do the same thing and it was really no problem.


We are not using ME on our way back so that will not be a problem. Why was I thinking certain airlines you had to get your own bag to the desk? Was that the way it was at the start or was it always just a return trip issue?

Thanks DT for helping me out on this.