Last Minute Reservations?


Due to budget concerns, I have booked a very cheap, off-site hotel. There is a possibility that a sum of money my dad is expecting could arrive before we leave. If it does, we are wanting to stay on-site. My question is, how late can you wait to book a room? Would it be possible to do so the night before we leave? I’ve also heard of the reservations center at some visitors info place, that you can book same-day rooms, is that an option we should look into? Thanks!


I have heard of people walking into the resort and getting a room. I would assume that you could get a room last minute as long as you aren’t picky about where you stay.


Are you driving? If you are, in Ocala Fl there is a WDW welcome center that can book you rooms on-site. But if you know you have the $ before you leave, you could just call the reservation center then, I would think.


It really depends on when you’re going to do it. During the Value season, you should certainly not have a problem finding a room, and finding a room at a good rate is probably likely as well.

During Regular and Holiday seasons, try calling exactly 5 days before you intend on being there. As mickaholic had pointed out in another thread, since this is the “no penalty” cutoff, you can sometimes find rooms available due to cancellations.

Good luck.


When we went in May, our reservation was for CBR. Now keep in mind that we booked our trip through Liberty Travel…I know, a big mistake. Anyway, we too came into some extra money and my DH was going to surprise me with an upgrade to Boardwalk. We have always wanted to stay there. Anyhoo, he didn’t know to call WDW direct and asked our agent if we could upgrade and they said no. Soooo, we stayed at CBR (which we love anyway).

I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned on this site.

Good luck and hope you get the chance to stay on-site. Nothing beats it!!!


The welcome center in Ocala only accepts walk-in reservations,not over the phone. I tried calling them once and that’s what they said.


Yes, you can walk right into the resort and book your room. If it gets within 3 days of your trip call the resort directly to book your room, but if it is more than three they are going to redirect you to CRO.