Last Minute Ticket Question


We are renting points for this trip so … it’s our first time without a “package”. I really want our tickets on our room keys so I am planning on just buying our tickets when we check in. I know I can save a little by getting them elsewhere but having it on our room key is worth the extra money.

Now to my question exactly where do I buy the tickets?? At the front desk when we check in?


You can still buy them elsewhere and have them on your room key. We got a great room only discount. So, got the room, and then bought the tickets from Undercover Tourist. Have used them three times and are great. You get a discount, and then don’t have to pay taxes. So, after you check in, you go to Guest Services, hand them your room cards and tickets and ask them to put your tickets onto your room key. Within minutes, they hand you new room key cards with your tickets on them. Our cm asked if we then wanted to keep the tickets for a keepsake. I said yes, just in case I ran into any problems with the tickets on the cards when going into a park. But, no problems at all.