Last minute tips


My family (DH and 2 DS (9yr and 10yr) and I leave in 9 days for our very 1st trip to WDW. We are staying at the Yacht Club, have 6 day park hopper tickets, and are participating in the dining plan with all of our ADR’s in place. We are so excited. Starting to pack our things tonight. I am looking for any/all of your last minute tips. I have been reading on these boards for 2 months now, just soaking it all in. WDW here we come!:happy:


First of all, from fellow mousebuzz newbie, WELCOME :mickey: I can’t even express how excited I am for you. Your FIRST trip, omg. You will love it sooooo much. Words can’t describe, but please, please write to us about your experience when you get back. It will be so interesting to see what you have to say. Tip - try to take monorail as often as possible over buses, they’re just quicker, more comfortable, and more fun!! Course this won’s work for AK or MGM, but that never bothers me because I personally spend most of my vacation time at MK and Epcot :wink:


Welcome to MB!!!:mickey:

Don’t forget about Fastpasses! I’m sure you’ve read alot of tips on the boards the last couple months!

Do you have any specific questions or problems?


Just trying to remember everything I have read…I have never prepared so much for a trip in all my life! I was wondering if when you check in, do you get a card for everyone in your party…(containing your park tickets and dining credits?) Thank you for your help and all the insights on these boards.


I don’t know about the dining credits, never did the dining thing. But yes, everyone in your party will get a swipe card that is truly your KEY TO THE WORLD… It is your room key AND ticket to the parks if you put a credit card on file with your resort at check-in, i believe you can charge things to your room.


If we have annual passes, does our time there get transferred onto our room key for park passes or do we have to carry two separate keys/cards?

My last minute tips… make sure everything is confirmed and reconfirmed, then get as much sleep the night before (if possible) so you are all set to GOOOOOOOOO!!!


My advice would be to have a game plan but don’t overload yourself with every detail you’ve read, thats a lot of info to process. Just have a great time and let the magic take you away.


Here are my best tips:

Check all of your reservations for your resort, airline, rental or ground transportation and ADR’s.

(caver’s tip but I’m selling it for him) Makes copies of ALL your travel documents and your park passes and keep them in a seperate place in case something gets lost.

Best tip of all: Relax and enjoy…no rushing! Get to the parks when they open to save time waiting later in the day and always take a mid day break.


I’m with daydreamer just go with the flow, have a wonderful magical time which I know you will


My best tip for you…Relax, you’re going to have such a fun time. Enjoy!!!


We did the DP Aug 21-29 and the answer is yes, each member of your party will get a Key to the World which is your room key, park ticket and Dining Plan card. If you give them a credit card it can also be used to charge purchases to your room. We stayed at the BC for a couple of nights this year and 3 nights last year, so if you have any other ?'s feel free to ask. The best part about using the DP @ YC/BC is the wide selection available for use as snack credits because the Marketplace is so well-stocked for the BC Villas. Since you get a dessert with every meal you eat, you won’t need those snack credits for treats, so you can use them for everything from cereal to milk to boxes of donuts to bags of bagels and a pack of cream cheese!! The choices are great. Don’t forget to explore the public spaces like the solarium opposite the BC Marketplace and some lovely rooms in the Villa bldg which are all wonderful places to relax and read or eat a light breakfast. I am so excited for you - enjoy your trip!!


Welcome to MB! Have a great time! We loved the YC!


dont forget comfortable shoes for all!


Have a great time. My advice is to spend some time in the evening at the Boardwalk. You can leave EPCOT through the International Gateway, walk over to the Boardwalk, just soak it all in and then head back to EPCOT for Illuminations, etc.


and don’t forget the ponchos!


Welcome to MouseBuzz. Don’t forget camera and batteries and sunscreen.And most of all Relax and have fun.:mickey:


I don’t know if someone’s answered this, but no. You have to carry your passes and room keys, they do not work together.


Make sure to vist Downtown Disney, several times in fact! And keep in mind most, if not everything that you would want to buy at the park is sold at DTD. This will reduce the number of souviers you have to keep track of during the day.


Use the in room safe!! There’s no reason for you to carry all your valuables. Just don’t loose the key.


Welcome to MouseBuzz!

Have a plan with a few things you want to do each day (which park, maybe a restaurant with an ADR, and a couple of attractions you want to hit) but be ready to let the magic happen and dump your plans for the day and do something else. Nothing is more stressful than trying to race around all day trying to get The Plan done–relax and enjoy your trip. Remember, you can be a few minutes late to your ADR and your FastPass can be used after the time has passed.