Last Minute Trip 12/30/07--01-04/08


I am currently off work recovering from a surgery in October, so no rollercoasters for me. :frowning: I’m just wanting to soak up some Disney Magic and relax. :slight_smile: After being stuck in my house for almost two months, my Girlfriend suggested we get away for a few days around New Years. I like to stay onsite, but this late the only place available was out of our price range (moderate). I am looking at offsite (Downtown Disney) places to stay and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for New Years? Also, should we try to go into Magic Kingdom or stay in Downtown Disney? We normally fly down, but with not wanting to deal with airports during the holidays, we decided to drive down. We JUST decided last nite to try this, so I am going to spend the next day or so trying to get everything set up if possible. Any advice/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

thank you, thank you, thank you!



If you plan to be in a part on New Years Eve make sure you get there early and stay at the park you want to be at or make sure you have a back-up plan. The only reason I say this is that since you won’t be a Disney resort guest, you may get locked out if the park is at capacity. A few years ago I was at WDW around the time you’re going and MK reach capacity a few times and the only ADR we could get was in Mexico in Epcot on New Years Eve. Even with Epcot being so huge, it was still wall to wall people.

Anyway, I’d suggest a dinner at Epcot or downtown Disney for New Years Eve. At Epcot you have MANY more restaurants to choose from and because it seems to be able to hold alot more people than the other parks.

Also, my sister has stayed at the Downtown Disney Hilton and like it. She said you could get busses to the parks but it was close enough to walk to Downtown Disney.


Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it!!! I haven’t been in WDW in December since I was a kid…bout 20 some years ago. I know the crowds will be out of control…i just hope to go with tha flow. :laugh:

Right now I am just hoping to find a place to stay…and one that we can afford. :frown:

Thanks again!


welcome to MB!! have a great trip! i haven’t been during a busy time, so i can’t help much there. hope it all goes well & you have a great trip!


Thank you Emamasa, I have been visiting this site and enjoying the posts for a little while. One that stands out is “A Series of WDW Events. Swiger Style.” What a GREAT TR!! It shows a love of Disney World AND for each other. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the posts…and I believe that is the LONGEST thread I have ever read. :slight_smile: I just finished speaking with a travel agent from MouseFanTravel, she is booking a trip from Dec 29–Jan 04 at the All Star MOOvies Resort. I have never stayed there, so I will be looking around the site for posts about people experiences there. Thank you again for the welcome!!


I was riding Hulk and Dueling Dragons in October 2000, about 10 weeks after a hernia operation and nothing at Disney is as intense as those coasters. Although, Space Mountain being an overgrown mouse and Primeval Whirl being a spinning mouse might be a little too jarring depending on how sore you still are, you should have no problems with Everest or Rock and Roller Coaster. Big Thunder could be a toss up depending on how tight you can get the lap bar. Don’t do anything you aren’t ready for, but I think you should be OK as long as you’re mostly healed.


I will be taking it easy Soundgod. I had a Herniated Disk in my neck, it was taken out middle of Oct. Funny thing is it first bothered me back in May…at Typhoon Lagoon. LOL I was trying to navigate across some slick rocks and was just looking down to make sure I placed my feet right and BAM…I was in horrible pain and couldn’t move. It was like some Comedy where the guy is stuck at that 45 degree angle and can’t move. My Girlfriend helped me get off the path to a fence and I leaned against it for a few minutes while I caught my breath. At the moment I thought it was just a twinge…that I had pulled something over the past few days of riding rides and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. It pretty much ruined that day but I felt better the next and was able to have a great time for the last couple days. Then in Sept I was home, took off my shirt and dropped it to the floor…thought “ahhh i better pick that up”…and WHAM (different than BAM, more intense hehe). This time my entire right arm/fingers went numb and I had an intense pain in my neck/back. I went to the Doctor that day and they thought it was an irritated nerve…but after about a month of being on some serious pain killers and rehab…it wasn’t getting any better. So they ordered an MRI and it showed my disk had ruptured. Two days later I was having surgery! I am going to stay away from Primeval Whirl, Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad as they are pretty jarring and jerky. BUT… I am hoping to be able to ride Everest and Rockin Roller Coaster…Splash Mountain (my favorite!) but I will see how I feel at that time. I don’t want to mess up my Doc’s work. Right now I just want to enjoy the atmosphere at Disney World (I truly believe it IS the Happiest Place on Earth!)…and enjoy the Holiday Season…Thanks for the advice!