Last Minute Trip Anyone?


I’ve got 104 points in holding from a cancelled trip that HAVE to be used for reservations under 60 days. These can only be used for SSR but chances are last minute that’s what’s open.

Because these are restricted to last minute travel, I’m offering them at $8 per point. Credit card payment is required and refund for cancellation is limited up to 35 days prior to check in only. All Dining plans are available, plus I have a few more points that I could add if needed.

Email me if interested or PM.


What a great deal for someone going soon!!!


That would be great if I was able to go within that window but I can’t…But good luck with it…I am sure you can find someone to take them.


Hmmm, awesome deal! Seriously! I hope someone snaps it up.


I wish I could! I am going in 4 weeks already.


wow…that’s a deal. Wish I could, but I can’t.


Trying to talk wife into this opportunity. It would make a great 20th "Disney"versary. How many points would say 6 days the first week of June be?


When do these points have to use by? I understand the ressie has to be made within 60 days of the trip, but I think some feel the points have to be used for a trip by mid-July.

Just trying to drum up interest.

Or am I wrong in the understanding?:redface:


Ohh…I wish we could go this year! The Dave opted for a week at the beach instead. I guess he’s right…I see lots of Disney in our future.


Looks like 90-112 points for a studio.


Thanks for pointing that out.

These points have to be used by end of September but reservations can only be made up to 60 days in advance.


Bumb. These points are still available.


No takers so I’m using them myself for STAR WARS weekend!


Oh, sorry you didnt get them sold. (I would have LOVED to take them off your hands!) BUT, have an AWESOME trip!


So happy to hear about last minute trips. Hope you have a blast and take a ton of pictures.


Yay! I would have loved to take advantage of your points but we just couldn’t this year. I am glad that you get to go! I hope you have a great time!


Darth has gone to the GRAY side. Well, Star Wars was filled in the 70s! :biggrin: