Last minute trip worries


my friend at work who we shall call Stacey has waited until the last minute to give in and book a trip to disney world. Stacey’s husband has been trying to convince her to accept the military offer and meet him in WDW while he’s stationed there. She is pregnant, and has 3 small girls, and is a bit of a control freak :wink: but basically a very nice kid.

she called someone that appears to be a travel agent that works with the military families who get special offers, and she booked the trip but apparently it was such short notice that they aren’t going to get to use the ME … so she’s freaking out about EVERYTHING.

I am emailing her some into i.e. and some tripadvisor links, as well as links to individual’s blogs etc to help her get an idea of what she’s in for


I think at this point I will have to just hope she can relax enough to let herself and the hubby and kids have fun. sigh Any words of advice?


Is the reason she doesn’t have ME because she is staying at Shades of Green? I know it is a splurge, but with being pregnant, taking three kids and luggage, she should look into renting a town car. Her other option, of course, is to take a cab. This site should help her determine cab fare:
Orlando Airport Limousine, Towncar, Motorcoach, Passenger Van - Charter Rates


She booked less than 10 days in advance so she can’t get the ME luggage tags in time, and she might be staying at Shades of Green. She didn’t know the name of the resort ( definately not a disney fanatic as you can see) or anything but her flight numbrs etc.


We once had ME tags all wrong, so we had called and had the right dates in the computer but no tags. We just brought the claim checks for the bags to ME and they took care of it.

But if she can afford it, I think the towncar is a great idea.


I think if she is staying at a Disney resort (Shades of Green doesn’t qualify) she can still use Magical Express; she just takes her luggage claim tags to the DME desk and they will pick up her luggage. If she is staying at a Disney resort, she should call and find out exactly what she needs to do.


I hope she got her Military discount of 40 percent if she is staying at a Disney Resort and her free 5 day ticket for her active duty husband… She will have lots of fun once she arrives… That i am sure of…


10days before? wow…that’s amazing. I can understand her worry traveling with the small children and being pregnant. She needs to find out details like where she is staying etc. She is not being a very good control freak if she doesn’t have this info.


Tell her to relax and have fun. If I were you help her make a list of what’s going on with names of places she’s eating at and places and phone numbers she is staying at. Also I’m sure there are transportation places at the airport to get her where she is going.


Get her onto the boards!! Id definatly try and suggest to her to get picked up via the towncars though, so much less hassle! We always use Tiffany Towncar Service and they have always been fantastic to us!


If her husband is going to meet her there he can rent a car/van from SOG and return it to the same location. That will save them an alternate drop off charge. This only works if he can get there before she does. Which in her case (pregnant/3 kids) I hope happens.
I remember what it was like coming back from overseas with 3 kids on a military transfer. Now add no DH AND pregnant. God bless her. Help her all you can. She’s earned it for just attempting a trip.
And if they can SOG it they will enjoy a deluxe size room at a moderate resort price. The extra bed or crib will fit better.