Last Minute Trip


I don’t know how many times I think about surprising the entire family with a last minute, jump on a plane and end up at Disney weekend trip. Every time I start investigating to see if its possible, there never seems to be any available flights (with reasonable airfare), so then I start compromising, extending it out from a weekend trip, to days on either side of the weekend, and when I finally find good airfare and something available, I’m now into being gone 5 days +, and turning it into a vacation. So, I sign off the computer, and begin wondering how other people are able to make those “quickie trips”. Any suggestions?


Try calling Song or JetBlue, if you have them. The fares are low to begin with, so you may get lucky! And sometimes I think about just getting in the car and driving – it would mean going through about 7 states!, but hey, it’s a fantasy, right?


I have no idea about quickie trips…mine get longer and longer each time I book them…lol Surprising the entire family sounds like fun…do it. You cna surprise them with a 5 day trip…lol


I don’t know how people do it either. My little “quick” trip over the holidays has now turned into NINE nights!!! :eek:


I will have taken two ‘quick’ trips this year. I plan these out about 60 days each though. I used my AP discount for the room and fly Southwest. The first trip was in Sept/Oct 9/30-10/2. We fly out Friday nite and back Monday morning. My next upcoming trip was set up before I left for the first one. The new ‘Best Rate Available’ plan was the only way I could book that room, so I have a non-refundable deposit down. My DS and I will leave Thur. eveing and return Monday morning. I got a really great rate of $49 for the flights. My DS still doesn’t know we are going. I can’t wait to suprise him.
Just keep checking the airlines for specials and when you see one book-it. I know Southwest has a special now for 21-day advance purchase, I think Orlando is $79 from Chicago!!They have flights that leave at 8pm from Midway and if you can take off Monday, well, there is your quick weekend trip - Hope this helps!!


try looking at He is this guy in Atlanta that has a radio show. He is the expert on cheap travel and every day he has information about new airline specials. He says that the fares go quickly- like it will be there for one day only. He is a master at this. Good luck!!


I think it’s all luck. You have to just fall upon a good airfare - I would love to do this too, but it has never worked out.


I recommend extensively planning your surprise quickie trip. Don’t tell anyone and still surprise them the same way. It will still have the same effect on the family and cheaper on your wallet!

Lisa :mickey: