Last Minute! Woo Hoo!


Hey all,

As some of you may or may not know, I was supposed to get married at Disney this upcoming weekend, but for many reasons, had to push the wedding to May 2007.

My fiancee and I were so mopey about it this week - thinking, “we could be there right now getting ready for our wedding and having our best WDW trip yet!”

So yesterday we decided at the last minute to go this weekend anyways! Its just the two of us - we’re booked at the WL for 2 nights, and plan to go out for dinner and lounge by the pool on Friday night, Typhoon Lagoon on Saturday, and AK on Sunday before a late flight home.

No more moping for me! I know it’s just a weekend trip, but we both thought it approporiate considering we really are supposed to be there this weekend anyways, right? And it will make us both so happy to be there, even if only for 3 days!

Just wanted to share my excitement!


Great! I hope you have an awesome time!


Wow, that’s awesome! Have a great time! :mickey:


Good for you! Make the best of it and have a great time!




Have a great time!! Hope you get Simba One on the safari ride!!!


Thanks for the well wishes everyone, I’m so pumped! I have to try and fit my usual double and single digit excitement into 2 days. It’s like overload!


awe what fun a suprise disney trip!!!

I hope you have a great time


I’m excited for you!!


That’s awesome! What a great way to cheer yourselves up! Hope you guys have a wonderful time!


What an EXCELLENT idea! Have lots and lots of fun!


Congrats to you! I am happy that you are getting to go anyway. Have a magical time!


You will have the best time! My husband and I did a “quick weekend” too a few years back, and so much was packed into the few days we were there we barely had time to breathe, and yet it was somehow one of the most relaxing, free-spirited, “go with the moment” trips we’ve ever taken! Enjoy!!!


That is great news! Have a wonderful time this weekend.