Last night at disney


Ok all I need help, I am taking my kids to Disney and have that time all planed. The thing I need help with is my last night there. There mom is picking them up after lunch and I need something to do that night as my flight is not leaving till the next morning. So I need something to do so I don’t just sit in the room sad that my kids are not with me.


Do you have a park ticket for that day? If you do, and it’s a hopper, I say try to go to every park that is open and ride your favorite ride at each park. If you don’t have a ticket for that night, go to DTD, have a nice dinner and shop, or go to ESPN Zone at the Boardwalk.


Judging by the ages your kids look, I would stroll to the nearest pub kick my feet up and have a beverage! LOL! I work with kids… so, I probably have a different view :slight_smile:
You will have SO many awesome memories I think it will be hard to be too sad… And… if you find yourself bummed, what better place to be than at DISNEY?


yes I think I will be up for some frosty beverage lol


Kind of our thing, but we always make a 9:30pm reservation for California Grill. Then, right in the middle of the night, we walk out onto the deck to watch the fireworks. We LOVE that on our last night. This is our 11th anniversary this year on our last night. We just can’t wait. Woops, we leave in about 13 hours to drive down! hehe.


-Catch as many fireworks as you can that night
-Spend time just enjoying being a kid again in the park(s) of your choice. Realize that if you get strange looks in the parks those people ““JUST DON’T GET IT””, but you do. :cool:
-Pick a eatery/pub/bar/other location and just strike up a conversation. WDW has many singles floating around.
-Do a monorail pub crawl or a crawl around the world in Epcot
-Pick a quiet spot in your resort/hotel, grab a book, and just plain out RELAX. You’ve earned it for taking your kids to the most magical place in the world.


-Do a monorail pub crawl or a crawl around the world in Epcot[/QUOTE]

Feel free to talk to WALL our resident Epcot pub crawl expert for any tips/pointers on this one! :laugh:

I agree with Pam&Rich. Try to think of it as your own special down time at WDW. A time to reflect and plan for the NEXT trip!