Last Tour to Endor


This could be a really fun event if you’re a big Star Wars and/or Star Tours fan. I’m especially intrigued by the “Death Star Disco” idea…

Special Disney Event© | Last Tour To Endor - Star Wars Celebration


Sounds pretty cool but $75!!! WOW! :eek:


I had that in an email earlier today and thought DS would love it, but I’m with you, skunis, on the price. Although, it would be a special thing that DS could do with DH while my girls and I go shop!:laugh::happy:


Hmmmmmm. I’m thinking.
For sure that’s going to be a fireworks show I’m unfamiliar with, but I don’t know that I need the disco. This looks like it’s a hard ticket event similar to MK parties. If that is the case, think about the possibilities of short lines on Midway Mania and Rock and Roller Coaster.


Ohhhh, this is an affiliated event for a major Star Wars convention at the Orange County Convention Center that weekend.
That explains everything now!
It IS a hard ticket party in DHS. That’s why they say 7-1 and that’s why they say you can begin to enter the park with your ticket at 4.

Did I hear “Star Wars variation of Fantasmic”?
Lights, Droids, Action?
The Jedi Family Spectacle of Lights?
Security dressed as Storm Troopers? Ooops, maybe not Storm Troopers, someone will get the wrong idea.
I wonder how much “special” stuff will be recycled from Star Wars Weekends but being an extreme hard core Star Wars crowd, they’ll eat it up.


I’m not a Star Wars fan (I’ve never even seen the movie) but I think we would do this if we were going to be there.


I saw that on FB and am so sad I am going to miss it. I’m a huge Star wars fan.


Well, Turnwrench, since you are such a die hard Star Tours fan, and really, a fan of motion simulators in general, I know you are Horribly sad (with a capital H, mind you) to be missing this. You are free to use my shoulder to cry on if you wish.


R U serious?!? :blink::ohmy:

Isn’t that…like…against the law?!? :laugh:


[QUOTE=Tiggerific;1031708]R U serious?!? :blink::ohmy:

Isn’t that…like…against the law?!? :laugh:

I’m serious, I’ve never been interested in seeing any of the movies. :blush:


:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:I almost want to mail you all six and force you to watch.:laugh:


:laugh:I think I may be the only person who has never seen a single minute of any Star Wars movie. My DBIL LOVES the movies, they are his all time favorite movies. It drives him nuts that I haven’t even tried to watch them.


Nope, never seen them either!!:ohmy:


We will be there then!!! My son would flip for this!!


we’re debating it. maybe it’ll be my anniversary present to dh if we can get someone to watch the kidddies.


Perhaps only the first three. (Or the “last” three. Whatever.) Don’t want to give her the wrong idea! :laugh:

I would go to this if I were there… even though I’ve never been that interested in the Star Wars weekends!


I am so upset we love start tours how dare they change it we wont be there be there in august. we are not going until sept. I would so pay the $75.00 to do this. my dh and i well me more then him are big star wars vans but only the original three.