Last week before disney


What do you do the last week before Disney to make time go faster and really really really get you in the mood? I am going on spring break tomorrow and it isn’t until the end of next week that I meet up with PJ and we go to our favorite place in all of the world…so share some of your ideas with me…thanks~


I am in the same boat as you are! I was actually really, really excited a few weeks ago and I have just become anxious now. Trying to get every bill for myself and work taken care of, ironing out those last minute details.

BUT I AM SUPER EXCITED NOW! To get in the spirit, I look at old pictures from past trips, go online and look at anything Disney, stuff like that. I am probably a weirdo, but I get really excited packing and planning for the trip. As for making the time pass, it just drags on it seems. But I found an old email that said “we’re at 120 days and counting” and that doesn’t seem that long ago.

Sorry to ramble, ramble, ramble, but I am really excited!!


:crying: <—because you all are getting ready to go now and not yet for me
:happy:<----because you are getting to go


hmm I repack…lol I check all my reservations again. I make lists of things that I don’t want to forget and then check them off as I do them.


Check that I have everything in order…double check…do a happy dance…triple check…Go on the Disney web site and look at all the pretty pics…Spend time here on DC…do a happy dance…check again!!!

Have fun guys…I’m so happy for ya!


Sleep :tongue:


I constantly harrass and annoy everyone around me.

Then, once no one will speak to me anymore, I go through and make sure I packed everything, make sure contact lists are made for at least 2 people, wash and vac the cars, finish up household cleaning, etc.


The Norm :tongue:


You beat me to it!! I was SO gonna say that! :tongue:


Yeah, it doesn’t differ too much from my everyday life. :pinch:


I make a list of what I need to pack… and I go to the store and buy samples of shampoo and soap and deodrant [I don’t like how the Disney ones smell.]. Then I tell people not to call me and ruin my trip, check myspace about 500 times… vacuum… clean… take my cat and dog to my grandparent’s… and pack my tote bag for the plane.


yep, check and re-check everything and constantly remind everyone that my vacation is coming up soon.


Oh yeah…I totally tell EVERYONE that I’m going to WDW!!! Yep…I do get some strange looks :pinch:


It’s been so long I don’t even know…:eek:…but nothing I do ever works. Time goes by sooooo slow that last week before a WDW trip! :crying:

I know I do a lot of packing, re-packing, list making (even for things that don’t need a list!) and spontaneous Disney dances!!! :wub:


I was just gonna say!!


Great minds think alike Erin…I was gonna too! :tongue:


We rock sweetly, Peppertinkytinktinktinktink!!!


LoL!!! Sounds like you got stuck on the “tink” part :happy: But you are correct!! We do rock sweetly! :wink:


I have been dancing…singing/listening to disney songs…watching disney movies…going on disney sites…reading disney boosk…thinking of all the rides I want to go on with PJ…imagining all the tasty food to eat at disney…looking forward to packing…LIVING ON DISNEYCENTRAL…hehe


My countdown usually involves e-mailing DH 50 times a day with …

…is it time yet???