Late 2010 or eary 2011 trip question


Yes can anyone help me out about this my DW wants all the family to go late next year just after Christmas to WDW for a week and I am wanting to know would it be worth it to arrive on Dec. 29th for a week or wait until Jan. 2nd and arrive for a week. I know the price should go down quite a bit for the second one. When do they take down the Christmas Decorations at the parks and resorts also? And it looks like if my oldest sons Girlfriend of 5years goes it will be 7 of us. So for room budget would it be better for two rooms at pop or what? I have thought about using our offsite resort at Westgate for that time but I know with 7 of us it would be more practical to stay on site if possible so the three older kids and take off if they please on there own and we could go our way also.


first of all DLR this year endsthexmas season jan3…so WDW…should be about the same have you thought about a2 bedroom villa. if you buy someones points it might be agood way to go,eliminatesroom tax ,you might get internet free…i didn’t look it up butbseason changes come usually after jan1st celebrations


I would wait until after January 2nd. Most people are headed home to get back to school and to unwind from the holidays in general. Crowds will be MUCH lighter and I think you will have a better time.


January is the best month to go. Small crowds mean more fun.


I think they take the designs down very early in Jan.


The outside trees are still up but most of the interior decorations are down. You cannot beat the crowds in early January. I have read that Christmas week is one of the busiest of the year.