Late baggage arrival?


Hi, all.
Just wondering if anybody has any horror stories using the Magical Express later in the day & not having their bags delivered until late at night.
We arrive in Orlando at 5p on Wednesday, are lanning on checking in & then heading to Epcot for a little bit. My biggest fear is having the bags show up at like midnight when my 2 & 4 year-olds are sleeping. Or not having their PJ’s in time to sleep in.
Has anybody taken a later flight like this one & had any trouble like this?


We landed at 8 pm and had our bags in less than 2 hours. I think it’s always a good idea to pack a carry on bag with what you might need for that evening and maybe a change of clothes for the following day, you never know when your bags might not make your flight.


Well said DisneyTeacher! Our bags took about 6 1/2 hours to get our room…of course, I think that was because they were looking for one of the bags that hadn’t arrived as planned:( But…everything worked out well. Just remember that it is very important to pack a carry on. They won’t deliver your bags in the middle of the night if you don’t want them to. Well…at least they asked us what we pref.


Yes…one sister bags were waiting in their room…the other sister had to call at 9:30pm and get their bags…but they did bring the bags right up.


Always travel with what you will need for that evening and the next day in your carry-on. I have always done this, and the one time my luggae was lost (delivered 2 days later on a trip home, luckily) this certainly was a lifersaver.


I think the only time they experienced real problems were when ME first started back in May. All the bugs have been worked out and everything is running as expected now. That being said, if I was arriving late I would put my jammies in my carry on just in case.


We used it in October with no problems however, on both trips we have taken what we need in our carry-ons and what we checked was almost empty. That way just in case - we had our clothes and the empty luggage - well we had to have somewhere to put all our purchases! :mickey:


I have to connect through Cincinatti when I go in January. My fear is that my luggage will not make it on the plane from Cincy to MCO. But in that case it’d be the fault of the airline and not DME. I’ve heard way more good than bad about DME.

Really I’ve only had one problem with the airlines losing my luggage and that was on an international flight when I was coming home from Italy. My luggage arrived at my front door about a week later, somehow it was stuck in Amsterdam for a few days.


I usually arrive at MCO about 11pm. Can you pick up your own bags and take them to the bus with you? I would hate to have to wait up for my bags, since we don’t usually get to our room until around 1am anyway!


In october we used ME. Our flight arrived at MCO around 5:30. We were at the CR by 6:30 and our bags were in our room by 8:30. It was a great service.