Late checkout at DVC resorts?


Anyone know if SSR will do a late checkout? For my Feb trip my departure flight is like 4 in the afternoon. HS has EMH at 8am, so I thought I could go to a few rides in the morning :wub: , but I doubt I’ll make it back for 11am checkout. :blush: I know at BC hotel last year there were noon and 1pm late checkouts. I was hoping to try getting something similar at SSR…has anyone ever asked and gotten a late checkout there?


I heard there are no late check outs if you are staying on points. I don’t know if that is true.
We just check out and have bell service watch our bags.


You can ask - but I doubt they’ll comply. The best they’ll do is keep your luggage.


I’d also suggest you check out earlier in the day, have bell services keep your bags, then enjoy a few more hours in the parks before you return to the resort to pick up your ME transportation to the airport. If you are using ME, you’ll probably have around a 1 pm bus time for a 4 pm flight.


DVC, as a timeshare system, tries to book at 98% capacity. As such, there is usually another family wanting to check into the room you are vacating. You are wanting to have a late checkout while the other family is hoping for an early check-in. In between, housekeeping is trying to service the room.

DVC resorts do not usually allow late check-outs.


I don’t know abut ssr but HHI told me they will


I never specifically asked but there were a few occassions where we were in the same situation. We had our stuff packed the night before & gave everything to Bell Services, it really didn’t take more than a few minutes. In the middle of the day we came back, I asked Bell Services for my carry-on [where I had a fresh change of clothes] & just freshened up & changed in the bathroom.


We usually have checked out late, but our summer stay at AKLV did not allow late checkouts. We woke up late and asked for a later check out and they told us to get out of the room as quickly as we could. I guess the days of late DVC checkouts is over!


I think I’m a little brain-dead today (got up at 4:30am baking) but what is HHI?


This is a good idea Wishy…worse comes to worse I’ll do that.


Yeah, cause to be honest, if you plan on being at the parks all morning what do you need your room for? Your luggage is just going to be sitting in there. You may as well let it sit in the bell services storage & come back later to refresh. The bathrooms between the lobby & Artist Palette are quite big & comfy. I had no problem brining my carry-on in there, washing up a bit & changing. :happy:

We actually do this in Disneyland nearly every trip 'cause we only go for 3-4 nights so that last day we want a FULL day. Last time the Super Shuttle didn’t pick us up until 7pm on our last day. We just went back to the lobby about an hour before and I freshened up in the lobby bathroom.


DVC’s Hilton Head Island resort


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