Late entry tickets?


Me, my mom, and my grandma are having a girls weekend in 5 SHORT DAYS!!! :happy: We’re doing the GF tea around 4ish, and we were thinking about going to a park afterwards. My mom said she remembered hearing something about special tickets you could get for after 4PM that were cheaper than regular all day tickets. She mentioned Epcot, specifically. And, since she’s seen me quite a few times glued to my computer screen compulsively checking new DC threads, she asked me to get on here and ask all you if anyone had some info! :slight_smile:

So… does anyone know what these tickets are, or how to go about getting them, or if they even exist?



I have never heard of those tix, sorry. :blink: I have heard of them in Cedar Point, but not WDW :pinch:


Yes, I believe those are FL Resident passes or discounts or something, you get free parking after 4pm.


I do remember years ago, maybe early 90’s when Florida residents were able to enter EPCOT after 4pm at a discount. I honestly haven’t heard anything about it in years but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Have fun!


News to me. You might want to call CRO to ask.


I think Wish is right. There is/was an EPCOT after 4 ticket, but I think its more like an AP then just a one day ticket.


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Thanks Cavey :biggrin: It took me a while to remember how to resize it, lol :blush:


Yes, that was my understanding…that residents could by an “After 4” annual pass.


An annual late pass makes more sense than just a one day ticket… Maybe I’ll call Disney to see if things have changed, just to be sure, once our trip gets closer - it’s been postponed a bit, since we couldn’t ADRs for GF tea this weekend. :crying:

Thanks for all the replies!


Disney used to offer (they may still, it is impossible to find info on it) and Epcot after 4 pass. It is an annual pass for FL residents, and used to run about $120 for person. It is only good for Epcot, and you must be a FL resident to purchase and use.

I would call Disney and ask. It wouldn’t make sense for just one day, but if you planned on returning a couple more times for just an afternoon, it would work.