Late flight arrival, cheap hotel near airport?


I am having difficulty finding affordable flights in early June that fly at convenient times. We’re thinking of booking an evening flight, but it doesn’t arrive in Orlando until after 7 p.m. It seems like a waste to begin our stay at Disney that night when we won’t be arriving until the day is over. So…we’re thinking of staying at a cheaper hotel near the airport to crash for the night, then heading over to Disney the next morning to check in and begin our package. Has anyone ever done this before? If so, did it work out OK? Does anyone have any hotel recommendations (something reasonable, but decent & with an airport shuttle to get us there)?


Why not check in at Disney, get all settled in your room, explore some of your resort and Wake Up In Disney?? We usually arrive late…sometimes after 10pm, the price difference usually isn’t that much and We’re at Disney…just have to wake up the next morning and off to the parks. JMHO


The money you save using a shuttle vs. magical express would more than off set the cost of staying on site. I say go for on site!!!


Last time we arrived late we stayed at Pop Century for the night. I think we paid $59.00. AP discount. In the morning we had our luggage transferred to the Poly and enjoyed a day in the parks. When we were ready to take a break our room was ready and our luggage was in the room. That way you can enjoy the magic all day.


I have to agree with everyone else.
I had looked into the Hyatt that is located right at the Orlando airport and it really was no bargain. Seems like any of the “cheaper” places will cost you just to get there.


We have a 7 yo, 4 yo, & 1 yo, so I think we’ll be going right to bed when we get there, that’s why it seems like a waste. We’re staying at a mod, so it is quite a bit more expensive (only about $50 for a night at airport Best Western).


I thought about that, but I didn’t know they’d transfer our luggage for us. (I was picturing us with all our stuff taking a bus to a park in order to catch a bus to the new hotel!) How did the luggage transfer work? Did you have to arrange it in advance? Thanks for this info., that may be a good option for us!