Late night hours


i am a little bit confused. The open late at the parks. do you have to pay extra for that?


No. You can only get in to the EMH(Extra Magic Hours) if you are staying onsite at one of Disney"s resorts.It is one of the perks of staying onsite. If you are offsite, then you cannot get in late.


x2 … another reason to stay on property…


A select park on a select night is open 3 hours after it’s closing time. You must be a disney world resort guest to attend the Extra magic hours and be able to show your room key to stay or enter the park at these times. This is 100% free and a pretty awesome perk for being a WDW resort guest. They also do an Extra Magic hour in the morning (usually from 8am - 9am) at a select park on a select day and that is also free and only open to WDW resort guests. You can check the calender on or go to the calender listings on to see which park on which day you can go to either the evening or morning EMHs.