Late Sept. in WDW


Well as I don’t think I can wait till Dec. we have started talking about going down from about Sept. 20th to Sept. 30th. I have never been down this time of year. What can you tell me about the crowds and specials that usually come out for this time. I know it changes from year to year but wondering what I’m looking at. We are also planning on doing the Halloween party. What is usually a good day to do it during the week or a Friday night?



We went during this time last year. The crowds were MUCH lighter than they had been during the summer. I think this is a good time because it’s after the summer rush and before Food & Wine Festival. Not sure if MNSSHP will be going on yet…I think it might be, but that’s a plus if anything. The only down side for us last year was the heat and humidity. It felt worse than it did two months earlier in July! This is pretty unpredictable from year to year, though. I think it’s a good time to go.


We went last year Sept. 26 -Oct. 4th and had a ball. It was very warm but the crowds weren’t bad and we had free dining!! MNSSHP is a blast especially the parade, don’t miss it!!


We were talking about going in Dec. but I know my husband really wants to do the water parks this time so I figure he will not have a problem being warm enough to use them. I was planning on going to the Christmas party if we went down in Dec. but I have heard so many great things about Halloween in Disney that I thought that might work better. I can’t wait!!!


We were there the same dates just about.

We did the 25th- 4th.
Food & wine festival at Epcot was fantastic, crowds were relatively low, however,
it was HOT HOT HOT!! Spent a lot of time at the pool during the day. We had a blast. Good time of year.


We went almost the exact same dates in 2005, and it was a great time to go! Very light crowds and the weather was perfect.


We went last year in mid September and the crowds were so light. We got on most rides without a wait or maybe a 5-10 minute wait. They also usually offer the free DDP that time of year.

Only bad part is the heat and humidity. As one person stated it is a crapshoot. You could have beautiful low humidity weather or it could feel like the middle of the summer.


Due to changes in my work schedule, we now go in November, which isn’t a bad time of year by any means, but when we used to go in mid-late September, that was my favorite time of year…MNSSHP is a better event than MVMCP, in my opinion. Given the option, I’d prefer late September.


September is my favorite time to go. After the kids are back in school, they crowds drop significantly. Also the free dining plan has been offered at this time of the year for the past several years. I can still be pretty hot though.


We’ve gone in late Sept for the last 3 years- totally manageable crowds, great weather (mid-80s) - Wonderful time every year!!


We were going to go in May this year but my work schedule just doesn’t allow for the time off…Joy of being the low man of the seniority list :)… Instead we’re shooting for the last week of September… We’re hoping to get free dining and are going to FINALLY get to see the MNSSHP!!! So all in all…I’m good with waiting to be able to get to see some Disney Halloween Fun!!!


I can totally understand the seniority problem. right now I have my bids in for 3weeks out of 4 for vacation and not sure if I will even get but just the one week off out of them. I would love to do Disney in Sept. ah if only I would be able to get all four kids school schedules to match up.


We too went during the same time 2 years ago. The crowds are so low and the heat is very high which did not slow us down at all. If history repeats itself The MNSSHP will be taking place during the time you are considering and I would recommend any weeknight other than Friday to attend.

Also if history repeats itself WDW will be offering the free dining plan for that time of year also.

Good luck on your decision. If you choose to go those dates we will be there at the same time! I love meeting fellow MBers!



Right now the sound of high heat seems really really great!!! :slight_smile: I know that years and years ago when we’d go during hot times we’d have a spray bottle to help cool us down. Always helped. Low crowds would be really nice as we have a little one and don’t want to wait forever to get on rides. Think we will have a lot of fun at the water parks this time and hitting the boardwalk. Last time we went was to cool as it was Jan/Feb.


I think you chose a perfect time. Really great weather and low crowds!