Late September M&G? Anyone?


Allyson and family will be enjoying the BEAUTIFUL slice of heaven WDW calls POR from September 23 - October 1. (previously scheduled for the following week)…

I know Erin & Llama will be there during the same time frame…who else is up for a little meet & greet??? I CAN’T wait to FINALLY meet some fellow DCers!! :mickey:


I would be happy to come for the day to meet some fellow DC’ers.


Me too. We will check into the Poly on 9/24 and check out on 10/01. I would love to be part of a meet & greet. I am going with DH & DS (11). We will actually arrive on Friday, 9/22, but are staying the first two nights at the Nick Hotel (due to DS’s constant begging).


Hey Allyson, I’m arriving on September 30 and leaving on October 4, I’ll be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I hope I don’t miss a M&G!


Wish I could be there, the last M&G was fun!


wow, it sounds like there are a few of us! Great!

When and where is next!

I have found that the food thing can be akward, because not everyone eats/orders…, but it’s the only thing that allows for plenty of space and tables…

In a park or not in a park?


I will be at OKW from 9/24-9/30. I would love to take part in the meet & greet.


Erin and mickaholic (and anyone else with M&G experience) – what do you suggest? I can see how the food thing would be awkward (and we already have dinner ADRs for every night made - since it’s free dining time - and I’ll be with an extended party of 9) so sometime during the day, either in combination with a CS restaurant or no food at all would probably be best for me.

Where did the other M&Gs end up happening? All I have clear recollection of is the one Cavey did at Spoodles - have y’all done any outside of a TS setting? Give us the details and what may have/could have been easier about it…suggestions, please!! :mickey:

I can’t wait to meet everyone!!!


:sad: We leave on the 23rd of September…
No meet and greet for us… :sad:


I guess we got our wires crossed. :sad: I’m going to be there from the 9th to the 18th or 19th, at this point. So I guess I won’t be able to meet up with you Allyson.


Has anyone thought of meeting at one of the hotels pools? Then the kids could swim and the adults have a drink or something. Maybe at afternoon break time?


Well Allyson, I’d love to…but with a wife who will be about 6 months pregnant at that time, I don’t see it happening… :laugh:

But I trust you will be an excellent representative for the Redneck Revolution at the M&G… Have a great trip…


Maybe the Tiggers…have to see.

Put me on the list and remind me near the end of the summer.


Okay,Tigger,I’ll bite-what’s Secret project western sunset???


You can find talk of it in a covert chit chat thread…the code book for the operation does include the term “DL” :wink:


Awww… I wish I could meet too!


OH thats a real cool idea! I’m posting this and I won’t even be there but that’s still a great idea. :tongue:


So sorry! I thought you said in the thread about preferred rooms at CBR you’d be there the last week of September…shucks! :crying:


The pool idea isn’t bad…but what about the pool hopping rule? Or would the other folks be considered “guests” if at least one of the M&G people were staying there?


I like the pool idea, but I’m not sure how great it will be to have to leave a park, travel to someone’s resort, etc…

that can end up taking alot of time…