Latest breakfast seating at Chef Mickey's?


Does anyone have any idea what time the latest seating(s) are available for breakfast at Chef Mickey’s?


We’ve booked 10:30 in the past and people were seated after us but not many. By the time we left half or more of the tables were empty.


I think we have had a 10.45am adr! It was great no need to stop for lunch! We got lots of visits from the characters and it was almost empty as we left but they still had the full range of food!


Thanks guys!!


We had a 10:45 seating for Chef Mickey’s a few years ago. For us it was the best time to go. Most of the crowd had left and the it was the best character breakfeast we have had. The kids almost couldn’t eat for the characters hanging out at the table and playing.


I just got a 11:10 CM breakfast seating for our trip.


Wow that’s awesome, thanks for letting me know! :happy: