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I checked this morning and found this…

[I]7 April 2005: Soarin’ previews status

Yesterday was the last day for general guest previews for quite some time. The next few days will be cast previews and no guests will be in the building, only cast. Then Soarin will be completely blacked out for a couple of days to integrate Soarin into the rest of the Land pavilion, and after that is Annual Pass previews.[/I]

Just letting everyone know…
Are they going to just open it up completly soon…or just keep having off and on preview days???


The Land pavilion is supposed to open in late April. I would guess that Soarin’ will have several preview days before it’s official opening on May 5.


Any idea what the usual procedure is the week before ride openings? That’s when we’ll be there with May 4th our last day. We would be so disappointed to miss this ride! :frown:


You will probably encounter a soft opening before the official “opening”. They are advertising the attraction alot, and would hear a lot of “grief” if they did so much advertising, and it was not opened, but operational!
Have fun, it is a great, GREAT attraction. Finally the smell of Oranges are back at EPCOT. (sorry still miss HORIZONS!)


i can’t wait for soarin the ride to open.


i HEAR ya on the orange smell!!!


Yeah, glad you knew they extended the rehab of The Land. It was supposed to re-open this week, but now its not re-opening until late this month. Soft openings will begin right after they get the enternace inside the Land redone. I would bet that the first day The Land reopens, Soarin’ will have soft openings.


I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed and hope we can get on Soarin’ the last week in April!!! Keep us all posted if anyone finds out more!


Did they change anything in The Land other than to add Soarin’?