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Tokyo Disney Resort Update Date: Disney Japan’s Managing Director, Toru Ochiai, and President, Paul Candland, issued a joint statement late last week about the closure of the Tokyo Disney Resort: “Over the past several days, The Walt Disney Company Global Intelligence and Global Crisis Management team has continued to closely monitor the situation in Japan. At this time, conditions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have improved and several other factors, including the more consistent operation of transportation systems and supply of electricity, are positive signs of recovery. Like other businesses across Japan who are resuming operation in the coming days, the operation of our business in Japan will be an important part of rebuilding. Therefore, we have made the decision to resume normal business operations on Tuesday, March 22. We ask that all employees return to their offices or work locations at this time. Please notify your supervisor if you are unable to return to your work location on Tuesday. Tokyo Disney Resort remains closed at this time and a reopening date is yet-to-be determined. Of course the safety of cast members and guests is the top priority for both us and our partner, Oriental Land Corporation. I know that this has been a difficult time for us and I thank for your commitment to our business. There are more challenges ahead as we all work together to recover from the effects of the earthquake and tsunami and I have no doubt that you will handle them all with the same courage and professionalism you have already displayed.”