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My family returned from a short 3 day visit on Saturday. Just to give a bit of background, we have visited DW twice a year for the past six years. I have to say that I have always been impressed with the service displayed by the CM’s. They ALWAYS go above and beyond. With that being said, I was less than impressed this trip. We had one CM get a little grouchy when I explained we did not want to sit three across on Big Thunder Mountain. She was not happy and let me know it. When we ate dinner in MK, I had a CM give me a bit of attitude when I asked for ice water, instead of bottled water. IN all the visits we have had until now, we have never even had one situation that could be considered rude behavior by a CM. This trip we had two. And would someone please tell management that just because the park closes at 2AM that doesn’t mean people are ready to stop spending money. This past visit, everything (and I mean everything) was closed by 2AM. No ice water, no ice cream, no getting some fudge for the room later, nothing. I was a little disappointed this trip. Has anyone else experienced this? We will see how it goes over Christmas.


Id say people were just having a bad day. It doesn’t make it right to get grouchy with you but they are human. My SIL tells me that she has teeth marks on her cheeks from biting herself to keep her from telling off the guests (she works at WDW and I guess some people are a little less than polite to the CMs).


Sorry to hear the troubles. May’ve just been a stroke of bad luck. Yes we CMs put up with A LOT of rude guests and always turn the other cheek but I guess at times it just comes out at the wrong people. Lord knows I had to barricade people with my stilts to keep them from crossing the street during our show and they threatened to knock me down if I didn’t move. I didn’t move, they didn’t hold true to their threat and they had to stay put until it was safe for them to cross. But their treatment of me looking out for their safety did affect the rest of my performance that day. I’d give the benefit of the doubt. Although Christmas is the busiest time of the entire year and we’re overwhelmed with guests, usually the yule tide spirit never lets us down as CMs.


We were there last week too, and we did not experience any rude CM’s. We did, however, experience MANY rude guests! My kids even began to notice toward the end of the week some of the rudeness DH and I had been rolling our eyes about all week. I’m sorry that you were treated badly by some CM’s.


I have a feeling this is an exception.
From the perspective of someone living in a resort area, we have all noticed, this season, that the guests themselves are less than pleassant this year. The attitude being “you people are lucky that we are here spending money when the economy is what it is, now jump”.


I always try to remember that a little kindness can go a long way. Yes, my family is on vacation but the CM’s are working (& working hard!) & for the most part, always doing a great job to make sure we have a wonderful time. I agree, some of the other guests’ behavior is sometimes shocking to me~ I often try to use those instances as teaching moments for my kids. Yes, we al get cranky & irritable, but we all have a choice about how we’re going to treat others. Unfortunately there is a big part of me that wants a trip to DW to be all magic & smiles so it’s a little sad when this happens.


When we were there in July,I made it my mission to thank all the CM’s I could find. The rudeness they have to put up with all the time must wear on them. Having said that, I am sorry they were rude to you. I wonder if the cutbacks are the cause?


Good idea. And I have to agree that rude guest WAY outnumber the CMs having a bad day.

I’ve often posted here words of appreciation for the cms ESPECIALLY those who help bring the characters to life. Over HALF of all Make-A-Wish kids chose a Disney wish and the guys and gals who bring the magic to life may never know how much it means to some of these kids. And they REALLY go out of their way with “our” kids.

So if you see me (a balding old guy) in line and talking to one of these special folks you’ll know why.

Besides, I like to have my picture taken with Minnie too - she’s HOT. (ESPECIALLY in the summer. :laugh:)


Everyone has bad days. These are stressful times. I would agree that rude guests probably outnumber rude CMs about 100 to 1. My dd kept a journal of the wacky, funny and rude things people said to her while she was working at Epcot. It would make quite a book. But if you do run into a rude CM, don’t let it spoil your holiday - if it’s just a dirty look or a bit of attitude, just chalk it up to a bad day. If it’s a really bad situation, report it.


Unbelievable!! :angry:

Glad you kept your cool and still looked out for them (someone obviously has to do it!). I’m sure they’ll end up winning a Darwin award later in life…


The service has almost always been flawless IMO…I’ve even asked CMs who have gone above and beyond if there’s any way to notify management so that I can brag on him or her. The process is very difficult, I’ve found…they really don’t make it easy to formally pay compliments and recognize outstanding service.
It’s a shame that you encountered a few CMs who were having bad days…