Laugh factory in 2007


The 2007 unofficial guide is reporting a new attraction in the MK called the laugh factory. Anyone hear anything about this attraction? If this has been posted, I must have missed it and apologize for the duplicate. The ride will be located in Tomorrow land.


I think that is the new Monster Inc. ride. No idea where in TL they would put it.


I believe it is suppossed to go in the old Carousel of Progress? It is going to be an interactive attraction, modeled after Turtle Talk with Crush, except Mike W. from Monsters Inc will be making you laugh to collect energy for Monstropolous. I’m pretty sure they may be some other info on MB in another thread, but I don’t know where, sorry!


Please say it isn’t so! I don’t want to see CoP go. Are you sure it isn’t the TimeKeeper? Please…


OOOHHH! My bad, it is the timekeeper! Sorry for the unintentional anxiety attack!


They better not touch CP! That is almost like turning Cindy’s Castle into a giant birthday cake looking atrocity.


Thank you so much!!! I was so worried, CoP is a classic and my family loves it for how simple it is.


Sorry for the really dumb question but where is the TimeKeeper?


Across form Stitch right before you get to Buzz. There’s been a meet and greet in there for a year or so.


AHHHH not the pepto bismol cake!@!!! I still have nightmares!

I must have missed the post about this new one…sorry all.


Hey, I loved that cake!!! (only cuz it was my FIRST glimpse of the Castle EVER!!!)


Some info on the Monster’s Inc. laugh floor would you like? Thought ya’ll would. I’m extremely pumped for this attraction. The plan is to officially open it by January of next year, but it’s coming along VERY quickly. There could very easily be soft openings during Christmas. I attended the audition for this new attraction the other day and really can’t wait for it to open.


Don’t tease, tell us more about it!!! What will the concept of the attraction be? (or can’t you share that with us?) Will there be soft openings the first week of December, do ya think?? :confused:


Hey, who’s teasin? :laugh: The concept is that the monters of the monster world are running low on energy again. They need more human laughs for power. So Mike W. and other monsters are bringing a portal of their factory’s laugh floor to Tomorrowland where they can get many a LOT of laughs from a LOT of people at one time.

As far as the first week of December, no clue. Here’s hoping.


Tigger!!! Now listen here, young man… you better stop posting that horrifying picture on this site, or ol’ MissDis is gonna find your house and paint it pink and cover it with icing and gum drops and candles… Muahahahaha:wink:


I just wanted to pop in and mention real fast that when I did the “Lunch with an Imagineer” she did mention this new attraction briefly. Just as Rowdy mentioned it is going to be several Monsters, Inc. characters trying to elicit more “laughs” from the audience in a “comedy club/theater” type setting & very interactive. She DID make sure to explain that these new “interactive” type technologies are surely going to be embrassed and seen more throughout the WDW resort but you’ll just have to stay tuned to my TR to hear the scoop I got! :tongue:


Oooh, this sounds like fun…I never rode the Timekeeper and I’m not too sad to have missed it… But thank gooness they’re not touching CoP!! I haven’t done that in more than ten years…not to hijack, but you think that’ll be open in early December? CoP I mean…


Come on and sign along with me…

“It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of everyday…”


“…There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow and tomorrow’s just a dream away.”


I don’t think I’ve ever seen the castle look like that! I’m not sure if I like it or if I’d go up to it and take a bite!!