Laundry at Saratoga Springs


Can anyone tell me if the laundry rooms at Saratoga Springs have the laundry soap vending machines? Thanks!!


I am certain they do. All the laundry rooms in WDW have vending machines…at least the ones I have stayed at have.:heart:


They absolutely do, I just used it this past November! :smile:


Watch thoses dryers, they’re hot. I used the laundry room near the Paddock quiet pool and melted the print on a couple of my son’s shirts a couple of years ago. I didn’t know high would be so hot…

You could also put some soap in small ZipLock bags in a larger bag so you don’t have to buy it. I also collect samples through the year so I have some to take when we go.


If you travel with laundry soap, everything will smell like it if it is not packed well.


Yes, there are soap vending machines. The surprise was the washers and dryers were free at the grandstand quiet pool!


Yes we were pleasantly surprised the first time we went to do our laundry “Armed” with a few rolls of quarters and found that they were not needed, and indeed last year at BWV the same occured, so I assumed that it is that way at all DVC locations:cool: it should also be noted that they DO charge for soap and fabric softener etc.


Yes, laundry is free at DVC resorts, it a nice perk.


That is awesome that they are free!! I was getting ready to round up some rolls of quarters!!


Is it free If you are in a studio and have to go to the laundry room? We won’t have one in our room this time…


Yes, it’s still free. There may be a coin slot but it should start w/o coins.


You can not even get the quarters in the slots-- they are filled with something!!:laugh:


I packed those tab style laundry soap- and I packed it with the clothing so that my clothing would smell nice- I also brought dryer sheets for a softener. I put them in a ziplock bag - They gave us a starter pack for soap in the room but it was not enough to wash all of our laundry. I have not used the main facility though since I had a washer dryer in the room.


Does the Animal Kingdom Villas have a laundry room? :confused: