Laundry Room at Bay Lake Towers


We’ll be checking into BLT (studio) after a week’s cruise - so I know I’m going to have laundry to do. Usually I’m so spoiled with the washer and dryer in the suite - but as we’re in a studio this time - does anyone know where the laundry is?


Usually somewhere between the bottom and top floors. Hope that helps.:laugh:


Yes - that is so helpful.:glare:


I know it’s on the first floor. I want to say not too far from the main lobby.


Good - thank you! As long as it’s in the building…I seem to remember that a lot of the laundries are in a building by the pools. I don’t feel like schlepping my laundry out to the pool.


Yep—POFQ laundry room is out by the pool…have never used it though. We are never in the room long enough to run a load of laundry and dry it. I’d be afraid that someone would steal your clothes if you aren’t sitting right there by it…


:laugh::laugh::laugh: No one steals your clothes! I do laundry every trip and never sit and babysit it. Everyone leaves their stuff in there - it’s the honor system that no Mother will break. sorry Dads - never see you boys in there.


:laugh: I guess the only laundry “rooms” I have ever had to use were the ones in college—and stuff was stolen all the time from them—so we always waited for the loads to finish. :closedeye

We are out of the room by 8 and not back to almost midnight every day so–we have to take enough to last us the whole time anyway. I have been known to wash one or two things out in the tub and clothes pin them over it after we leave in the morning. :happy:

Our room was right across from the laundry at POFQ one year…I could have used it easily I guess…it just was so late when we returned to the room each night…


If you walk into the front door of BLT, they are to the left. Vending machine for the detergent and softener is there too. If I remember from our last trip, there are 3 or 4 washers and about 6-8 dryers. If you are at the pool and come in the back entrance, the laundry is to the right, just a few feet to the right. TV is in the laundry room as well to help pass the time if you are in there for a bit.


Thank you!:happy:


I should probably clarify that I only had one child to pack for… With multiple kids I’m sure you have to do laundry while there for a long trip!!

It’s so nice now that the “one child” is an adult and packing at her own home!!! I just have to take care of myself!!


[QUOTE=Dana;1134018 sorry Dads - never see you boys in there.[/QUOTE]

You’ve never traveled with our family.


I pack enough so that I don’t need to do laundry until I return home.
Can easily handle two weeks plus 2 days worth of spares if needed.


First floor; to the left - is what I read.


It is a great laundry room/. Just like everyone said, to the left in the front door. What we did was buy some of those laundry sheets that are flat and have the detergent and dryer sheet all built into one. They are much easier to carry than detergent and a lot cheaper than the vended detergent in the laundry room. I will say we were at BLT during a crazy busy week a couple of years ago and we used the laundry room twice and never saw a single person in there. We have had the same experience with Villas at Wilderness Lodge, always empty.