I am going to CSR for 9 days and I dont want to do laundry, I know thy have a laundry service and I thought some one could tell me how much it cost, its probably per pound


I have never gotten involved with any hotel laundry service and only would on an emergency basis. Off the top of my head I don’t have numbers, but I’d be confident in saying it won’t be cheap. Also, if you have normal cottons and blends, etc, I would use the hotel’s coin washer and dryer. I’d only use the laundry service for dry clean items or emergency stains.


I had laundry service when we stayed at the Polynesian in Dec '05. I can’t remember the exact prices, but it was per item. Pants were one price, shirts another and so on. It was outrageously expensive. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but it was truly overpriced. I called them to pick up before I knew the prices, needless to say, I put 3/4 of the laundry back in the suitcase and only sent a few items.


Just bring enough clothes for nine days. That’s easy enough. Why pay for the laundry service?? IT’s going to cost you a ridiculous amount of money.


How many people are going? (Read: How much laundry are we talking about?)

Are you driving or flying? (Read: Do you have a small car that doesn’t have extra room? Are you dealing with a luggage limitation?)

How hard would it be to bring that many clothes for that many people? (Read: Do you have enough space in your suitcases for clothes for 9 days for everyone, plus souvenirs to bring home)

When is your trip? (Read: Summer clothes take up less room, and you’re more likely to be willing to have a pool day at the resort - good time for doing laundry)

All things to think about.


I wanted to leave lots of room in my suitcase so I could bring home lots of presents for family and friends


You know, doing a load or two of laundry really isn’t that bad. We do it when it’s the best time for us, 1st thing in the morning, after we get back from a park, or our favorite is to just relax at the pool with a drink. It only takes a couple hours. I’d rather to that than bring a suitcase of dirty clothes home with me.:blow:


My dad did some laundry one morning (we always just pack enough) but it didn’t take him long at all. He did it one morning while we were swimming – that’s a much cheaper alternative!


You are allowed 2 bags plus a carryon. Couldn’t you just bring one suitcase almost empty? I’ve also have read that some people will bring things like socks that are almost ready to be tossed, so they pack them, wear them and throw them away. That will leave some space.


Another thought. Considering how much you’re considering spending to do laundry, wouldn’t it cost about the same to bring an extra soft sided bag in the largest suitcase and pay whatever extra amount for the extra bag. Use the soft sided bag exclusively for dirty laundry.


That’s what we do, its works out great.


Plus, if you take the dirty laundry as a carry on, you get to make TSA search your dirty laundry. Payback can be cruel but deserved sometimes!


Lol, I love you thinking! Thats great! :slight_smile:


Yikes - I can’t even contemplate the luxury of having laundry service!:laugh:

Where are you staying? Most of the laundries are situated right by the pools, so it’s easy to throw a load in and relax by the pool. Save your money for better things than dirty socks. (I like the old socks - throw them away idea).