Laundry tip


For the last year I have been collecting free sample of laundry detergent for our next WDW trip. Last summer I took a whole box of Tide and ended up leaving half of it when we left for home. Even the smallest box took up a lot of room in my luggage. This summer I can throw 4-5 little packets in my bag and have free detergent for any laundry I need to do. I just got a free sample of Gain in the mail today, I think I now have 6-7 packets of different detergents.

Here is a link for free Downy:


Ahahaha! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this! I’m always signing up for free samples, and saving them up for trips. I’ve got laundry detergent, fabric sheets, shampoos, you name it - all stashed in a few shoebox tubs.


I had no idea! LOL!


That’s a pretty nifty idea. Back in 2004 we stayed in a condo for 2 weeks and still had a ton of laundry soap left over…


Great tip DT !!

I just ordered a free sample of this laundry detergent.
You just have to e-mail them, and in the heading put in “free sample request”


Awesome idea!!! Thanks!


What a great idea,DT!!!


I should mention that I also do this with all of the shampoo and conditioner samples I get. It saves ALOT of space and taking my shamp/cond bottles is just annoying.


Thank you for the tip DT! I have a question for you, after you do your laundry do you fold it in the laundry area or back in your room. The reason I’m asking is because on our next trip I was thinking I may do some laundry, while the kids and DH are swimming. I was not sure how I would get it back to our room after it was folded, I know I could put it in a clean trash bag and some how stack it. I saw these collapsible bins at Target($10.00) for kids toys, that were not that big that could fit in the bottom of the suit case really easy and it could sort of like a laundy basket and great for the kids stuff too after the trip!

:wacko: :ohmy: Oh my !!! I just want to know how you don’t get your clothes all wrinkled getting them to your room? :pinch: :huh: I also thought the bins might be a good idea! :tongue: Thanks!


We have a little mesh folding laundry basket that is about the size of a lunch plate when it’s folded. I pop that open when we unpack and use that for dirty clothes all week. If we do laundry I use the same basket to carry folded clothes back to our room. I found the basket at WalMart with all the laundry things for under $5 and have used it for 4-5 vacations.


Thank you so much I will look for that at Walmart! :flowers:


I travel for business, usually alone, I always as the front desk for extra shampoo/conditioner/hand cream… I also leave a note for the maid and they usually leave you an extra bottle to two.

You can always ask at the front desk if they have sample laundry soap.

You never know, what you can find.


I just bought some of these at a swap meet. My DH thinks I am crazy to be bringing them on vacation with us, but it beats cramming dirty/clean laundry into plastic bags, lol. They were only $1 for a small, and $2 for a large.

I love the links for the free laundry detergent and Downy, thanks DT and Buzz! I rarely get fee smaples of anything in the mail (maybe it’s a CA thing, I’m not sure but my mom in Nevada gets ALL kinds of stuff). I have been known to go to the laundrymat here to buy small boxes of soap to take with me on vacation–they are half the price here compared to what I find at a hotel. Now I’ll be searching the web for free laundry samples :flowers:


This is a great tip DT! Thanks!


I’m not even sure if they make these anymore, but a few years back we packed some of those laundry detergent cubes when we rented a villa. Apparently they looked like some kind of explosive, because the security people pulled our bag and they all went over to check it out.

So, I wouldn’t advise packing those.


I looked alll over for those laundry tablets last summer and couldn’t find them. I finally emailed Tide and Gain and they both said they were no longer making them. It’s a shame since they are so easy to pack.


That explains that. Thanks
We’ve been looking for those for ages now with no luck.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who was looking for them. I even had family out of town looking for them.


We did too. We had everyone we knew looking for those things!!


Great tip DT…Thanks :smile: