Law Enforcement Discounts?



I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know if there are any WDW discounts for law enforcement? My husband is a police officer, so I thought I would at least look around and see if anything existed.



They did them at one point, right after 9/11. But I haven’t seen or heard about them since.


The swan and dolphin resorts give discounts to police officers.


Hello Sasha. Welcome.
Tell your DH to be safe.


Thank you, Boss Mouse - I will!

And thank you also to karliebug. Do you know much about those resorts?


Me again. Do you use any of the guides? The 'Unofficial Guide" will give you a great in depth look at each resort. It has been a huge help for my planning.
Then there are other web sites with pics and all. Would you like them?


Yes, I would! Thanks!!


Would police be considered Government workers? Is that how they qualify for the Swolphin discount?

Anyway, here’s the info on the Swan/Dolphin discounts:

The Swan and Dolphin are deluxe resorts. They are not owned by Disney but are on Disney property and have almost all the same benefits.


Hey, you guys should check out United in Uniform. They offer discounts to all theme parks for Police, Military and Fire Fighters! Plus, its a FREE membership. I just got a buy 1 get one free deal at Wet ‘n’ Wild through them!

The site is: United in Uniform

Hope that helps!