LAX like Orlando?


Hi all! I am wondering what LAX is like? Anything like the Orlando airport with lots of stores and restaurants? I’m expecting we’ll be there awhile before our flight back home… Thanks!:mickey:


Yep, lots of stores and restuarants, I think orlandos has better stores! Very busy! Mcdonalds, starbucks, brewery, sushi, burger joint, bakery, deli, ice cream. I really didn’t noticed any unusual stores, just normal airport stores.
We are also flying in to LAX! I prefer John Wayne, but LAX had a much better deal with frontier.


LAX doesn’t have the cool stores like Orland does. No Disney, Universal or Sea World stores to occupy your time with. Just the usual airport stores. I don’t remember the restaurants being on the outside or before security. Except for the one that is in the middle of the airport. Not sure if that is open again yet.


I really never liked LAX that much. It DEFINATELY is not as fun or entertaining as Orlando can be. It has the standard Chilli’s express, Cinnabon, CPK & all those “airport-type” eateries. Parts of the airport can be kinda dingy & old but that’s just my opinion & obviously it depends on which terminal you are in.

DEFINATELY lacks in good retail, mostly bookstores & cheesy tourist stores. There is a See’s candy store which, especially since you are from the east coast, is SO worth checking out. Two words… Butterscotch Lollypops! :wub: I also remember a “Body Shop” store and a couple leather goods type stores but that’s it. Kinda sparce.


Thanks! I can always pull out my souvenirs while I wait for the flight!


I was gonna remind you about the See’s candy store!~:laugh: :laugh:


LAX has numerous restaurants nearby.

The Proud Bird is my favorite… it’s right next to LAX… :wub:

The Proud Bird Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA

I would recommend eating somewhere besides LAX… :ph34r:

Captive food just doesn’t taste the same… :blow: