Le Cellier Longshot


I know this is a longshot, but if anyone has an ADR that they are changing or cancelling for Le Cellier for the dates of October 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th please let me know ASAP. I would greatly appreciate it. My good friend and co-worker is planning a trip for those dates and was not able to get an ADR at all. No big surprise there, but since I’ve raved about how much we love it there, he was excited to try it and was of course disappointed when there was nothing available.

Now we MBers all know not to plan last minute trips and expect to get the coveted ADRs like this, but the mere vacationer like my friend is clueless.:laugh: I thought it would be a nice surprise if I could get one for him and his family if something became available.

I’m not holding my breath, :blow: :blow: :blow: but thought it was worth a try.:pinch: :angel:


You are going to have to call every day and try for a cancellation. You may get lucky. Have them call every day even when there…try a walk up for lunch time too. Can’t hurt.


I agree…keep calling. I think it took me 5 calls to get an ADR but I got one. Don’t give up!


Keep trying to call. We got a reservation there 2 years ago just by calling on the day. They always have cancelations, and it is just a matter of hitting it right.


Will do.:happy: I know its a longshot, but you never know.:angel:


Dont forget to call the morning of your visit for a cancellation as well!!! We went to Guest Services to cancel a Le Cellier reservation in favor of a Biergarten one (the CM wouldn’t let us do it when he found out we had never eaten at Le Cellier! LOL!!!) – but it happens that people change at the last day!


Even keep checking when you arrive at WDW.

I called to cancel one ADR and asked them to check Le Cellier and ended up getting on the same day to replace the one I cancelled.


I too am trying to get a Le Cellier ADR for this same timeframe! But I promise not to steal your chances if someone does respond here with a cancellation!

Does anyone have a feel for our chances of just walking up and getting a table? We are having lunch at the Garden Grill, so Le Cellier would have to be for dinner.


Good luck, we have never eaten there yet and want to this dedember - 8 of us, so I better get on the phone!

Hope you get it


Just a thought, you might have a better chance in the middle of the week. Also, think about lunch or early dinner. See what the latest time is, and hope you can excuse yourself from the table to watch Illuminations. I’m still holding out hope for something to open next Sunday at the last minute.