Le Cellier- Lunch or Dinner?


I’ve heard so many raves for Le Cellier over the years, so given the chance to make ADRs, I made them. I did for both lunch and dinner, not sure which one we will want. I need to discuss with dh first. I see the ;unch menu is more limited than dinner, but also less expensive. Would lunch be just as good or is there something so spectacular about dinner that we should spend the extra and stick with our evening ADR?


We had dinner there and it was sooo good. My DH said it was the best steak he’d ever had, and I had the Creme Brulee and it was wonderful. My money would be on dinner!


After reading both menus, I might be tempted to go with a very late lunch - turning it into an early dinner. You can get the mushroom filet and the New York strip at lunch…the menu is pretty extensive. If you want to save the extra credit - go with lunch - if you want “the full dining experience” go with dinner.


We did it for Dinner this summer and it was GREAT. They actually had Unibroue beer, the steak was amazing, and it was one of our best meals this summer. Go for dinner, it was worth the 2 credits.


We had lunch there four weeks ago. We had steaks and the Chocolate whiskey cake. It was all great. I would do lunch again and save the credit for another place.:mickey:


Thanks!! I think we are going to make it a semi late lunch.


If you have trouble getting the ressie, I gotta tell you, keeeep trying. We were only able to get it this summer the week before we went. I am already looking for a Dec. ressie and am struggling. It is one restaurant you have to keep trying.


Unless there’s something served only at dinner time, if lunch works better for you and you only want to use one credit (if this is a consideration), do lunch.


We did lunch this trip, and it was great! Still able to have the filet, for about half the price dinner would have cost us!


after many years of visiting WDW and never trying this restaurant we are going to do our upmost to get a ressie here for dinner on our upcoming trip. I have never once heard or read a bad review on this resort and just salivate at the thought of eating a steak there! num num!! lol :laugh:
I think it will be worth the 2 credits and we are there for our usual 14 night stay with free dining so figure we should go for it!


Either one…the food is wonderful. I prefer dinner just for the atmosphere of the parks during the evening hours.


We actually had no issues at all getting lunch or dinner ADRs for Feb and had a few different time options. We don’t do the dining plan so it’s not a credit issue, but the price of dinner did help us along in our decision lol.