Le Cellier vs Marrakesh?


Ok, I am trying to book an adr. Not sure which one to book. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve never been to Marrakesh (gonna try it this August) but Le Cellier is awesome…probably one of the best places in WDW. Le Cellier is known for it’s steak…I’m not much of a steak person but it’s delicious. The restaurant is super popular so ADRs are hard to come by, especially if you try last minute.


I’ve heard great things about both (never tried either of them myself), but definitely more consistently positive reviews of Le Cellier.

For me, because DH and I are such steak-and-potatoes people, Le Cellier would be the ideal choice.


My sister in law ate at Marrakesh. DH is middle eastern so I am not sure if he wants to eat that food. I am going to call and see if I can get a reservation at Le Cellier. Thanks for the tips.


Just ate at Le Cellier last week and it was excellent! I think it’s your best bet if you can get an ADR there.


I’ve eaten at both several times & even though I really LIKE Marrakesh I’d most likely NEVER choose it over Le Cellier; the food is wonderful, especially the steaks & unique desserts, & the atmosphere is so warm & quaint. Most of the time you can actually walk up to Marrakesh with minimal waittime but getting an ADR at Le Cellier can be difficult. I’d make the ADR for LeCellier & if you have time or decide to skip a different one just make Marrakesh a standy-by if you need somewhere last minute.

It also depends what kind of feel your family may enjoy the most, here are both menus:

Le Cellier Dinner Menu - Canada - Epcot

Marrakesh Restaurant Dinner Menu - Morocco - Epcot


We ate at LeCellier last trip, adn it was incredibly good, especially the BREADSTICKS!!! and the incredible cheese soup. I also had a delicious salad. I really enjoyed the whole experience.


we really loved them both, in different ways. to choose one over the other - i’d pick lecellier for sure!


I’d say, considering how hard it is to get reservations at Le Cellier, I’d probably just go ahead and make a reservation for it 180 days out. (I hate giving this advice) Meanwhile, think long and hard about Marrakesh’s menu. If you decide on Marrakesh, make that reservation and then cancel the Le Cellier reservation so someone else can have your table.


I have an ADR for Le Cellier for June and can not wait to try it now that I am seeing these reviews!!:happy: :happy:


While I dont’ think Marrakesh’s menu is that challenging, I’d agree with the above posts. Book Le Cellier. Marrakesh is wonderful as well, but much easier to book later.


I’m one of Marrakesh’s biggest fans - but you can’t compare it to LeCellier.

Definitely make an ADR for LeCellier - or you won’t get in. Chances are, even without a ressie, you can get a walk-in for Marrakesh.


Le celliers most definately best steak i ever had.


You guys have given me something (Marrakesh) to put on my list as a walk-in possibility…thanks! DH and I aren’t making any ADRs this trip because we don’t plan on eating much…if any…TS, but it’s good to have a place or two in mind in case we decide to.


I ALWAYS go to Le Cellier…EVERY trip, without fail. So obviously it’s my favorite! :wub: I went to Marrakesh on 9/1/07 and wanted SO much to love it! I mean, I love that pavillion at Epcot, I love the decor, I love the music…but Marrakesh was just plain AWFUL for us. Every single thing we got was DRY. EVERYTHING. Mine, Eugene’s, the kids…nothing tasted right.

I’m sorry, I just won’t try Marrakesh again. Unless they COMPLETELY change the menu.


Le Cellier… 'nuf said.


Well I called and got ADR for Le Cellier. We are only 25 days out I think. So I am so Thankful for all of your comments. I am sure it is wonderful. Can’t wait to try it!


UGH! We have a ressie at Marrakesh for June and now I’m wondering if we made the right choice. We’ve done Le Cellier several times in the past and I do love the beef/barley soup and the pretzel bread, but honestly I prefer a Texas steak to Le Celliers anyday! We were excited about the entertainment (music/belly dancer) at Marrakesh and thought it would be nice to try something new. I wonder if we should make a change or give it a try???


Well my sister in law just ate there and they really liked it. We would try Marrakesh but…like I said my dh is Middle Eastern so we see Belly Dancers alot…They are always at family parties etc. So I know that this would be a really fun experience also.


if you think the menu looks good, go for it! it will be a must eat at place for us from now on…it was wonderful! our waiter was great, food was excellent, and the belly dancer taught my 4 year old how to belly dance (it is so funny to watch, she is still doing it)! it was a great meal for us!