Le Cellier vs Yachtsman Steakhouse


So here’s the problem…we already have dinner reservations for 2 at Le Cellier but now we’ve added 1 more person to our trip. We’ve looked online and called the dining line (not so helpful) about adding just 1 person to the already existing reservation. We were told we had to cancel the reservation first then try to get a reservation for 3…???

My brother is awesome and said he doesn’t mind eating on his own that evening so we can enjoy dinner and not have to cancel but that makes me feel like a heel.

We can get reservations for 3 people at Yachtsmans Steakhouse and have heard that it’s just as good if not better than Le Cellier.

Any feedback, thoughts on the two???


Both are great! You won’t be missing out on anything if you cancel Le Cellier and book Yachtsman. You will love it!!!


Of the 2 I would go w/ Yachtsmans.

One thing though. If you really want LC, keep that ressie, book one for YS online, and keep trying for a 3 top @ LC. If you get it you can cancell the other 2 ressies.


I’ve eaten at both, and I like YS better.

You could always try just show up with the third person and telling them that you had a reso for three? I don’t know if this would work but I’m sure it does happen?


I really like Le Cellier best and if your brother doesn’t mind go for Le Cellier! I mean the amazing bread sticks (pretzel and sour dough bread awesome!), the steaks are outrageous, and the chocolate mousse for dessert is out of this world! Its so hard to get into as it is… and i would def do what DisneyOnMyMind said, if you show up with three they i think they will still accommodate you. Just Play dumb. Have a great time!!


Thanks for the tips…I can play dumb!


I only have one thing to say, “Chedder Cheese Soup”!


The Cheddar Cheese Soup is Amazing. It even comes out good when I make it at home. But just a little tip, if you do change to YS you can get the Cheddar Cheese Soup to go.


OK - I biased. My kid worked at LeCellier…but I really didn’t think the Yachtsman was that good. Ok, but I prefer LeCellier. And I don’t even order the cheese soup. I do order the maple creme brulee however…


We have eaten at both, and while we enjoyed both, would rather go back to Le Cellier. the bread sticks, cheese soup and creme Brulee just make it a much more enjoyable meal.


We’ve only eaten at Yachtsman - we LOOOOVed it :wink:


Ate at le Cellier twice, don’t get the coffee rubbed strip if you eat there.
Ate at Yachtsman’s maybe 6 times.
Truth is, there were some nice things at le Cellier like the pretzel bread and the maple creme brulee, but the first meal wasn’t memorable one way or the other and the second meal I made the mistake of ordering the coffee rubbed strip.
If you want to pay the extra money (or use the second credit) go ahead and do Yachtsman’s. It’s also probable that you can show up at le Cellier as a three person party and act as if the reservation was always for three people and a mistake must have been made.
Or, you can go to Shula’s Steakhouse in the Dolphin.


I prefer Le Cellier’s more casual atmosphere and overall menu. When it comes to the actual steak, though, I prefer Yachtsman’s. I’m a rib eye guy, and it drives me crazy that Le Cellier doesn’t have one on the menu. I don’t think you would go wrong with either choice.

Thanks for the tip about the Coffee-rubbed Kansas City Strip Steak Soundgod. I’d also add that the Veal T-bone wasn’t the best thing either. Looks like I’ll be going back to the Mushroom Filet.



Both are awesome - I give the edge to Le Celleir because I LOVE their COFFEE RUBBED STEAK (SoundGod - mine was awesome…although there was no coffee taste to it really)…but as for EVERYONE ELSE in my traveling Party - they would all 4 choose Yachtsman. Our waiter at Yachtsman might be the best waiter I have EVER had though and the food was incredible as well…and I love the location.
Either way - u cant lose.


My problem with the coffee rubbed strip is that the coffee grounds wind up being little more than burned tasteless things to be scraped off.
This is my opinion of course and plenty of other people probably love it (or not).
I just think it’s something to be mentioned.
Oh yeah, I’m a rib eye guy too.