Le Cellier


I would never want to ruin one’s magical memories that one has at a certain place, but just out of curiosity, why, pray tell, do so many of you hold Le Cellier in such high regard?

Our dining experience there was Atrocious!

After many years of trying to get a reservation at Le Cellier, I finally landed one on 11/11/11 and decided to take my Mom there for a late lunch/early dinner.

Not only did we endure a 40 minute seating delay from our scheduled ADR,

(which is now the norm (no longer the exception) at every sit-down we have dined at over the past few months… Seriously, it has happened at least 6 times including the Brown Derby dinner we enjoyed this past Sunday where they claimed “30 minute delays” but it ended up being a 60 minute delay)

but the second our soups touched our table they decided to deliver our steaks as well! The people on both sides of us gasped at disbelief at how terrible and rude it was of the restaurant. I mean, they REALLY were trying to turn the table over the second we sat down! I understand that they were severely backed up but don’t try to solve your problems on diners who just sat down… especially after a 40 minute delay in seating us!

When one is spending that kind of money for a piece of meat on top of the difficulty in making the reservation, you would assume that the staff would try to give one an enjoyable dining experience, but instead, they just wanted to rush us out of the door to flip the table!

So needless to say, I advised the food runner to kindly take the steaks back to the kitchen.

Within a minute, our waitress came to our table to find out what was wrong (I was on my second spoonful of the cheese soup) and we reminded her that we JUST received our soups. She couldn’t understand why we would send our dinners back!


(Naturally she put in all of our orders at once as opposed to putting in the apps & delaying the entree order, as a properly trained server should know).

To top it off, they just left our steaks under the heating lamp even though the server claimed that they re-did our dinners.

And coming from the restaurant biz, I know the difference between “just cooked steaks” and steaks that have been sitting under a heating lamp for 20 minutes plus.

So not only were they trying to rush us out of the door the moment we sat down, but they lied to our faces about the food…

And the steak was no better than an Applebees steak. Im not exaggerating… In fact, the steak at Jiko’s AND the Hollywood Brown Derby kicks the steaks butt at Le Cellier.

So Bottom line, why go here and spend that kind of money for garbage food and rude service?

Now we have eaten at exactly 28 WDW sit-downs so far this year and I know the difference between a “bad” day and outright “problems” at a joint. And Le Cellier has some major problems. It was so bad that I could never recommend the place to anyone.


It’s THAT bad.

And there is no way I would try it again especially because of the many problems that plague the establishment(on top of the terrible quality food that they’re selling).

Disney should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a place to operate on their premises! It sucks all of the magic out…

So as I asked in my first sentence, with all do respect to those who are infatuated, why do so many of you LOVE this place? Am I missing something?

And it wasn’t just an off day… I can tell you that…

Yachtsmans is 800% better…

So If I were you, I would take the brisk walk through the international gateway and stroll on over to the Yacht Club for a true steakhouse dining experience and forget about wasting your money at that Canadian so called steakhouse. It’s a better bang for your buck and they treat you like Kings and Queens.

And speaking of Kings & Queens, our experience at the Hollywood Brown Derby this past Sunday was second to none! We have eaten there many many times and they never disappoint. In fact, they seem to get better each and every time (outside of the 60 minute seating delay. Our waiter made up for it 10 fold!)!


Oh PB what a horrendous experience! No wonder you are so adamant you won’t be returning. I have only been twice, and our experiences were both very positive. Our servers were terrific and the food was very good- not haute cuisine of course but better than most Disney establishments.
However, upon our return to WDW I shall, based upon your recommendation, try the Yacht Club, as we are always keen to try new dining places.


wow- what a story. Did you speak with the manager? I would definitely relay this story to Disney… they need to know every time it happens. Makes me rethink my ressie for MArch.


Definitely give the Yachtsman a shot. When they claim the cut is “prime”, its really prime. Not choice or (gulp) select which is what they served me (I had the NY Strip which is supposed to be a prime cut. There was no way in the world that is was a prime cut…) at Le Cellier.

hanwill, I tried to speak to the manager but I was told that they were extremely busy with a meeting or something. When the bill was delivered, I inquired again and our waitress claimed the same thing. As of yet, I have not contacted Disney about the issue but the more I think about it, the more put off I become. I have never needed to contact Disney with a complaint (after the fact, I usually address it on the spot) so perhaps there is a first time for everything…


This is my take…

When a dinner at Le Cellier was 1 TS Credit with the Dining Plan, I believe it was one of the “get the most bang for your buck” places.

I didn’t have the experience you had, but the steak was no better than your average steakhouse. Nothing spectacular. The cheese soup on the other hand was spectacular!!

Once the dining plan changed to 2 credits, you don’t hear so much talk about it anymore and I am sure it is a lot harder to get in for lunch than it is for for dinner these days.


I cannot believe that they would tell you that they were too busy to speak to a guest. That is Most unacceptable! I would definitely send them a letter. Thanks for the warning! I appreciate it- very much!


I am so sorry about your experience. Le Cellier is our favorite restaurant. We have never had any problems there. I would contact Disney and let them know what happened!


Never had a bad meal OR bad service at Le Cellier. One of our best experiences with wait staff was at Le Cellier. The server provided a beautiful fruit platter for my little one who was about 3 at the time. He was not a meat eater. While not on the menu, she put together something so nice I should have taken a photo.

That said, we did not eat there this last trip. But only because we were making an extra effort to try new places.

I’d follow up - and with a letter. Not an email.

Sad, but it happens. We have a similar experience at Mama Melrose. Never went back - though people LOVE the place.

And I agree about the TS credit issue. We hated burning a TS credit at Sci-Fi Dine In - the food was perfectly fine but it was diner food. We payed cash this trip and loved it. I think the psychology involved in the credits played into our feelings about it.


Since the Le Cellar lost their chef to I can’t remember which other WDW restaurant the dining there has been terrible. I also think they change managers at the same time. We been there many times since it opened and had had about 50/50 on whether we get good food and service or not. This next time we head down we aren’t eating there.


Your Yachtsman experience and our LeCellier experience are exact opposites. We would rather go to Sizzkin’ Sirloin than Yachtsman again and we won’t set foot in Sizzlin’ Sirloin!.


Wow, that was terrible! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience.

My DH and I love Le Cellier, and THANKFULLY haven’t run into any of those issues yet. We LOVE the wild mushroom risotto, cheddar cheese soup and pretzel rolls. It’s the only “Must-do” dining for my DH.

In 2010 we were lucky enough to dine there 3 times, and our most recent trip was October 25, 2011 for a late lunch (1:45) 4 adults, 1 child. We checked in at 1:30, and they took us right to our table. Our server was very good, and even refilled our bread basket without us having to ask (this was a first for us at Le Cellier :slight_smile: ). Every table was filled, but there wasn’t a long line at the door, so we must have been very lucky. The food was delicious, as it has always been for us. We were not rushed. They only negative was that we had to wait about 15 minutes from the time we were done eating our dinner, before he came to take our dessert order. Then we waited another 15 minutes for them to bring it out. We were glad for the long break - though, so it didn’t ruin the experience for us.

It really stinks that you had such a bad experience. I would have been furious if they brought my steak out with my appitizer. Like you said, it is SO expensive, and you can’t enjoy your meal if they are rushing you and stuff. I’m glad you sent the steak back, and I’m shocked they gave you a hard time about it.

I’ve had very BAD experiences at Mama Melrose’s (I gave it 3 chances), and won’t be going back there - EVER! So I know how you feel!


Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience there. We have eaten there many times, including this past October, and have never had a bad experience. We are never on the dining plan, not that it should matter. We have never been rushed and always had excelent service and very good meals.


I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. We’ve been to LE Cellier several times and never had a bad experience but its not a must do for us either.


We ate there Nov. 1 and had no problem at all.
We had a 4:30 P.M. ADR and were sat at that time.
LeCellier is one of my favorite places to eat!


LeCellier is one of our favorites!! We did change to having an early dinner to avoid using 2 credits. We ate there this past August and again in September. We had great food and service both times, and both times were part of a large party!!


We’ve never had any problems at LeCellier. The food and service have always been top-notch! My dh hates restaurants. There are very few he enjoys - Le Cellier is the only one he looks forward to. AND I always get all the questions on the “Canada Test” right.:closedeye


I know! I agree… Coming from a family that has been in the restaurant business for most of my life, if a customer wanted to speak with someone in charge, no matter what was going on, we dropped what we were doing to see what the customer’s concerns were. I was as surprised as anyone when we were denied not once, but twice!

This would make sense if they lost their chef as well as a change in management. Looks like everything went downhill very quickly!

No kidding! When did you eat at the Yachtsman? I haven’t been there since the end of last year. Has the quality decreased there as well? Lord know that “quality” has slipped at more than a handfull of restaurants at the world, especially some EPCOT restaurants (La Hacienda, I’m looking at you)…

[QUOTE=Goodegirl2007;1097291]Wow, that was terrible! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience.

My DH and I love Le Cellier, and THANKFULLY haven’t run into any of those issues yet. We LOVE the wild mushroom risotto, cheddar cheese soup and pretzel rolls. It’s the only “Must-do” dining for my DH.

It really stinks that you had such a bad experience. I would have been furious if they brought my steak out with my appitizer. Like you said, it is SO expensive, and you can’t enjoy your meal if they are rushing you and stuff. I’m glad you sent the steak back, and I’m shocked they gave you a hard time about it.

I’ve had very BAD experiences at Mama Melrose’s (I gave it 3 chances), and won’t be going back there - EVER! So I know how you feel![/QUOTE]

Your Mama Melrose is my 50’s Prime Time Cafe. We gave them 3 chances and we won’t be going back ever again either!

And I also agree with you 100% that the risotto, the cheddar cheese soup & the pretzel rolls (and other rolls) were all very good. We made lemonade out of lemons and not everything was terrible plus overall my Mom had a fantastic time (“bonding with her son” as she loves to say lol)…

But I still give them an “F” because of them trying to turn the table over so quickly at the cost of our dining experience and for lying about redoing our steaks when they brought them out with our appetizers. That’s a shame! PLUS, a manager not coming out to address a customer’s concerns? That is unacceptable.

And with so many of you never having a bad experience there, perhaps they just wanted to rush us out of the door so quickly because we didn’t have children with us? Possibly it sends up a flag that adults are expendable??? I don’t know. And also, one can’t hide the lack of quality meat that they charge $42 for…

But granted, our steaks did sit under a heating lamp for at least 25 minutes, so conceivably that aided in degrading the quality of meat that they served us as well.

Regardless, I contacted Disney via email requesting a mailing address where I could mail a letter addressing my concerns with the dining experience at Le Cellier.

Four days after my initial email, I received a call from a cast member who preferred to discuss the situation over the phone in lieu of having me mail them a letter.

She was very surprised more so about the fact that we were told not once, but twice that a manager was unavailable to speak with us. She was highly suspicious about the fact that the manager was in a meeting (as the server indicated) and she believes that the manager may have been off site (if that’s the case, then the server not only lied about redoing the steaks, but about the manager being in a meeting as well :ohmy:).

So after I gave her the details of the late lunch, she apologized profusely for the bad experience as well as the terrible treatment.

I explained to her that this wasn’t a deal breaker because not only did we just renew our AP’s, but we have dined at the Plaza, the Hollywood Brown Derby as well as Cinderella’s Royal Table since then and all of the dining experiences have been fantastic (but I did mention that over the past 3 months, this chronic problem of having us wait 30 – 60 minutes after our scheduled ADR’s at the sit-downs is getting VERY old).

And I also threw in the fact that the only reason I contacted them was to make sure that another Disney customer doesn’t have to deal with what we dealt with. Everyone deserves excellent service, especially when one is shelling out $60+ a head you know?!

So after she apologized for the mishap, she had me email her a copy of the dining transaction and I just received an email from her this morning indicating that she is mailing me out a Disney Dining gift card in the amount of my transaction.

That’s very cool… She definitely went above and beyond! I just hope that they nip the problem in the bud!


Thanks for making them aware of what happened. There is no excuse! Hope next visit is better.


I am so pleased someone took the time to call, discuss and, above all, tried to recompense what was a very unfortunate experience. I know the recompense was not your priority, just the assurance that these concerns are addressed and hopefully don’t happen again. Well done to you though PB, a lot of guests let these issues slide once they are back home, and Disney can’t change what they don’t know about.


I am very glad they took care of you. It was most appropriate.