Le celliers totally booked for september


i have been trying to get a adrs for le cellers for september there is nothing not even lunch… coral reef i was able to get a 4:05… castle same thing 4:05… i was able to get narcooses for 7:25 pm… there is almost nothing available… we did get california grille for 7:30 also… I need two more any suggestion we will be there september 13 for seven nights it is our anniversary trip. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


Free dining eats up all the ADRs


Would you be interested in Victoria and Albert’s to celebrate your special day?


I always love 'Ohana (and they do fun, special stuff for anniversaries). But a nice, out of the way place that has AMAZING food is the Yachtsman Steakhouse in the Yacht Club. They have, hands down, the best steak in WDW (IMHO), and the cozy atmosphere is quiet and romantic.

I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard good things about Bistro de Paris (I believe you can see the fireworks from there…)


Good luck on your search for the perfect ADR’S. I hope you get the other two.


not sure if any of these would be available, but i’d recommend…

maya grill
tutto italia
wolf gang puck

good luck! i keep wishing DH would say we can go for free dining, but now that it’s been out a bit (days, really i guess) i am thinking we wouldn’t get the restaurants we want, so i’m not too bummed.

keep trying for the ones you want - people cancel!


le Cellier’s dining room seats no more than 400 people at a time. I’ve been told many times now that it’s this relatively small size that makes it so hard to get reservations.
I’m not surprised that everything is gone for September already. What also won’t surprise me will be the amount of people that never show up for their reservation and won’t bother to cancel when they know they aren’t going to be there.


that’s true soundgod, and to add to that, when people do walk ups, especially for somewhere like this that they REALLY wanted to get and just walk up to see if its possible, i think they are in such a dream state, they don’t even think about cancelling the adr for the other place. which of course means, other places will have walk ups available!

program Disney dining into your cell phones, that way you can check for an opening and cancel the other. also, the hostess can check for openings and cancel other adrs for you - so if you do get in, as a walk in, ask the hostess to see about cancelling your other adr! that’s what we did last september at tutto italia!


Even before free dining, we called for ADR’s for Le cellier in September. We wanted 5, but had to choose from 4:10 or 6:50. So they were already getting filled about two weeks prior to Free Dining.

At least we got the day we wanted, I have never eaten here and it was a priority on my to do list this time around. Sorry you missed out.


I suggest you keep calling. People change and cancel ADR’s all the time. I booked Le Cellier in Jan. and got 4:00 p.m. It can be tough to get everything you want. I hope you find something amazing.


This is the part about the free dining that always frustrates me. On my last two trips, I have sat in dining rooms (Le Cellier included. Spoodles was another one) with many free tables for what I presumed were people who had ADRs and just didin’t show up, while there were tons of people waiting for tables outside. I know they must have a system for assigning tables to walk ups once it is clear that an ADR is not coming but I am sure that no shows must slow down the turnover by quite a bit.


Keep calling…daily. I couldn’t get ressies the last 2 trips when I first made my ADRs. I kept calling and both times spots opened up. Make something else as a backup but keep calling for Le Cellier. Last year it took me quite a number of tries but I got an ADR.


Try walking up right at 4 p.m. to Le Cellier’s. Get there before the doors open and be first in line. Emily says they very often take about 4 or 5 walk-ups a day. And keep calling - everyday if necessary.


I have heard that you have to book your reservation there at the 6 month window in order to have a chance. But as others have said, keep calling because you never know if someone will cancel.

For the record, I am one of those people who will cancel a reservation for dining because I know people are always trying to get into the restaurants there


We’ve never tried LeCellier so booked it for September. For a party of 7, the best I could do was 2 tables for 4 at lunch. It turns out, one of our party won’t be in till after 6 PM that day, but I won’t even try to reschedule it. Had no trouble booking anything else (including Hoop-De-Doo). When I called for ADRs, I booked Raglan Road and then said “Now. this next one might be a problem…” The rep immediately interrupted and said “Oh! LeCellier…!” At least our favorite - Rose & Crown - is pretty much always available (except during Illuminations)!


Le Cellier books up fast. That is why we make our ADR’s for there at the 180 mark. As other have said, keep calling. We canceled a resie there 2 years ago. I am sure some one scooped it right up. The other thing is to be there right when they open for lunch. They will take a couple of small parties as walk-ins. We have seen this, and did it 1 year. Good luck.


We missed out on this one too.
It’s booked up for the whole week of August 24th.


I will be there Sept 13-21. I tried to Le Cellier but couldn’t get anything so the CM suggested Yachtman Steakhouse and that is where we are going. He Le Cellier is the 2nd most sought-after ADR after CRT. I was able to get everything else except Spirit of Aloha.


I am surprised to hear how much trouble people are having getting into Le Cellier. I am was complaining about not being able to get in between 5 and 8pm, but I guess I should just be grateful I got in at all!


I would just keep trying to get the ADr…keep calling back. You may get lucky and someone may cancel. I am not even remotely surprised by this. Free Dining + the smallest and most popular place to eat in Epcot = booked out fast. LeCellier books out during the slowest time of the year, so it’s always best to make that ADR first when you 180 window opens. Also: try adding one or two people to your party size. They book their tables out by how many is in the group. You can also try splitting your party into two seperate, but close in time ADRs. They will seat you near each other.