Le Cellier...still worth it?


The last few years I’ve only heard how popular the restuarant was…and in being so popular, it was 1) very hard to book and 2) overcrowded because they added more tables to fit more people.

Is the food REALLY that good? Are things a little calmer there now and less hectic? And is it too late to book for early/mid May…?

Or is there somewhere else in Epcot you guys would rather have dinner? (I don’t want to spend a fortune; Japan is out of the picture, but I’d like to try something new and nice!)


The food was good, but not great as expected after the menu was changed a few years back. We had read outstanding reviews, and the food did not justify the write ups we read. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but the current selection/menu does not justify 2 credits.


LeCellier is a very good restaurant. No matter what restaurant you go to you’re going to have people who rave about it and people who pan it. We’ve been to LeCellier many times over the years and I can honestly say we’ve never had a bad meal - sometimes it’s been outstanding, sometimes it’s been “good” - sometimes it depends on what we order. Worth two credits? Yes, I think it is. In comparison to other “two credit restaurants”, I think it’s up there. Definitely better than some - Coral Reef comes to mind as one of the most over-rated 2 credit restuarants at WDW. Also, remember that the lunch menu at LeCellier offers a lot of the same selections and is just one credit.


I’ve eaten there twice, once in 2004 and again last year.
It was good, but it wasn’t “manna from Heaven” good.
Competent would describe my feeling.


In a word NO!

it is good - it is nice but now they have changed it on the dinning plan to 2 ts for dinner I feel it is not worth it.

the stake is good but the venu has no view little atmospher. Narcoossee’s is very nice:heart::wub:


We love Le Cellier. Will we ever be spending 2 credits on it? No.


Screever, why is Japan out of the question? Is it a money thing? If so wouldn’t Le Cellier be more expensive seeing that it’s a 2 dining credit?


I didn’t know Le Cellier was in cahoots–pricewise–with Japan. Apparently that bit of information was lost to me in the scuffle. Good to know!

And I’m not paying with credits people, lol, I don’t have the DDP and don’t intend on getting it. :cool: Thanks for the advice, though! I have read good things about Narcoosees and Citricos, I might sway my parents in hitting up those joints! :heart:

(Or just got back to San Angel Inn. I’ve read some not-so-nice things about that place, but it’s never let me down personally hehe.)


This is what I don’t understand about peoples’ reactions to “two credits”: Why is it necessary to eat a table service meal EVERY SINGLE NIGHT? It all sounds wonderful in the planning, but when you’re there, racing to a different restaurant every night, it can get kind of old, very quickly. Why not skip some evenings (it’s not like you’re going to starve - there are plenty of options for dinners at counterservice) and then try out some of those “2 credit” dining options? It’s like the minute a restaurant is designated “two credits”, people will avoid them like the plague.

Just asking.

If you’re not on the dining plan, then I would say that LeCellier isn’t going to be any more expensive than most “one credit” places. (I don’t think the restaurants are in “cahoots” with each other - the majority are owned by Disney, so what would be the point?)


we love lecellier we are booked for both lunch and dinner this year… love narcooses and the new Mexican is much better in my opinion then the one in the pavilion.


I use to love it there. We had two not-so-great experiences there and just haven’t went back. My experiences seem to be rare and not the normal, so just go for it.


Don’t forget to look at allearsnet.com. for dining and pricing info… They are usually right on for that stuff…


Hanwill, great suggestion about allearsnet.com. Screever, I checked the prices out of curiosity and Teppan Edo is less expensive, which hopefully is good news, even for lunch. For Teppan Edo the entrees, nothing is over $30, and Le Cellier, everything looked to be a little over $30, approximately $32. For dinner there is no comparison, every entree was over between $35-$45.

Man I really look like I’m pushing Teppan Edo LOL. I personally really like hibachi, the food is always fresh and delicious and the show is always fun.


Man I really look like I’m pushing Teppan Edo LOL. I personally really like hibachi, the food is always fresh and delicious and the show is always fun.[/QUOTE]

We LOVE that place! My kids (6,5) actually eat their food- almost to the point of licking their plates. I’ll treat them to hibachi every once in a while at home so I know they are eating at least one meal!!


How did we get to Japan?:laugh: Anyway - our personal favourite in Japan is Tokyo Dining – and I don’t even like sushi! My kids are addicts though…we love the beautiful, quiet atmosphere, the warm towels, the lovely servers and I especially love the tempura. It is absolutely greaseless and light and delicious. And it’s cheaper than both LeCellier and Teppan Edo.


it was superb for a one credit meal- 2? I dont think it even comes close to something like California Grill or Hoop de Do- its really just a steak house! (although I drool thinking of the truffle risotto as I type this)


my family and i swear by it. see how it could be a difficult place to dine if i had kids though, its not really an exciting place


We went there on our last trip and we thought it was great.


Is Coral Reef now a 2 credit restaurant? If so we need to change our plans.


Just checked allears. It still lists Coral Reef as a 1 credit location. Sorry for the threadjack.

We were not impressed with Le Cellier the one time we went. We haven’t been back since. Personally, I don’t think it is worth it.