Least Crowded Ever?


I’m wondering. Out of all the trips everyone has taken. When was it the least crowded for you - date wise. Ours was the week of September 11th, one year after the 9/11 attack. I don’t think it will ever be that empty again, but I’d like to see if there is a particular time that is in common with everyone that you can just walk on the rides.


OMIGOSH! We were there at the same time! (actually we were there ON 9/11 too - now that was scary!). That use to be the only time my dh could take his holidays. I can remember walking through the World Showcase the year after and it was completely deserted. I also remember that I couldn’t bring myself to go to the parks on Sept. 11. It just didn’t feel right. We spent the day at the pool…

As for least crowded in normal times, my dd and I went the first week of March, 2006 and it was VERY slow. I don’t think we used a fastpass for anything.


The least crowded I’ve EVER seen it was when we went in December of 2003. We were there 12/2-12/9 and the parks were practically EMPTY! It was WONDERFUL!!!


I guess this is a huge exception but the least crowded ever for us was the atual week of 9/11. It was such a strange time to be in WDW…absolutely NO crowds. It was pretty quiet and serene. I remember spending so much time in America in Epcot that week. At the end of The American Adventure people stood and applauded and many people cried. Everyone was walking around with American flag pins and bows and such. It was very touching and still bring tears to my eyes when I think about that week in WDW. My husband and I still talk about it.


The Monday after Thanksgiving 2006.:smile:

See :smile:


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We were there in December 2001. It was still very, very dead. The only other time we were there when it was quiet (less crowded) was in January. Cold, but nice.


These pictures still amaze me! Where are all the people???:blink: :blink:


I guess working…:laugh:


Ah yes…sucks to be them!:cool:


Off the top of my head Disneyland in late September 2002 was really empty.
And we were in WDW the first week of October 2002 and I think it was pretty empty too.
October 2003 was pretty decent crowd wise.


In 2003 we were there right before on of the hurricanes, can’t remember which one.

It was very empty. No line for anything. We were the only ones in our loop at the campground.


The least crowded it’s ever been for us is when we went in February 2006. We went 2/4 thru 2/8 and we walked on to every ride. The weather was great, too.


I’ve never been to WDW when it was not crowded.

When we were there in May of 2006 we thought the crowds were great compared to what we usually see in July and August but it was like what some of you have seen.


The least crowded trip I’ve ever taken was right after Labor Day several years ago. Our trip actually started in the peak season and went into the value season in the middle of our 8 day trip. It was amazing how the crowds changed so drastically after Labor Day weekend! Early May wasn’t bad either when I went in 2001. I was only there for 5 days and didn’t have any problems seeing everything. I’m so anxious to see how it is this Oct! :slight_smile:


Least crowded trip we’ve had was last week of September ‘05. We walked right into almost every ride. The only ride we used a fastpass for was Soarin’.


Unfortunately we were there right after September 11th also. It was the first time we were going to stay at AKL and we checked in on September 14th, staying for 5 days. The whole trip up the Florida Turnpike we were almost alone on the road which was our first indication how slow it might be. The parks and resorts were nearly empty and if anyone that was there remembers it was REALLY gloomy, rainy, and gray that whole week after in Orlando. I still look at our 8x10 photo of us in front of the castle and I still remember the feeling we had standing there. It just was not a trip we could enjoy like usual. The photo itself indicates that same mood; dark clouds above the castle and not one other person in our photo.


Least crowded would be the third week of January for me. I did that twice…no lines at all. EVerything was a walk on.


We have gone the last full week before Thanksgiving. We came home the Monday before Thanksgiving, and there was a huge difference in the crowd level the weekend before Thanksgiving. The parks were empty during the week that week.


Least crowded for me was the week of valentine’s day '07…the cheerleaders were leaving when I got there…just walked on everthing :smile: