Least Crowded Ever?


I was there that week! Definitely the least crowded ever. We went to MK Friday evening and decided to get dinner at Cosmic Ray’s before riding. Then we tried to get in line for Indy Speedway (no wait), but they had closed the ride. They were closing the entire park by seven. The next day we went to AK - no wait for anything!!! The weekends following 9/11 were so empty. It was the least crowded I have ever seen WDW.


We were there the same week and it was WAY crowded…maybe I was at the wrong parks on the wrong days.:blink: My TR was even titled, “Alicefan’s cold and CROWDED Trip Report” :laugh:


We couldn’t get ourselves to go to the parks either, so we decided to have a low keyed day at Blizzard Beach. I remember them having a moment of silence, I believe at noon. You could hear a pin drop.


The last week of Sept and first week of Oct have always been good for us. If there are lines, they are really short. When we went a couple weeks after 9/11, it was VERY quiet in the parks and FW.


The least crowded time for us was Sept. 2003.


September 2005 was slowest for us. I think we were there around the 2nd or 3rd week. My husband said it was so empty it didn’t even have the “disney world” feel to it!


It was the week of November 16th, 2002 (the week before Thanksgiving). Me and DH were on our Honeymoon. It was an awesome time to be there because we didn’t wait in line for ANYTHING (I take that back…we waited in ONE line for Dumbo…bad memory for DH:laugh: ). I didn’t know anything about ADR’s and pre-planning and we were able to walk into any restaurant and get a reservation immediately.


:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: It looks like you were there before the park opened.

We had the best time in mid-November 04. Some people, no lines, no rain, temps in the 70s. Perfect. I would not like it if the parks looked like in those photos that R2G posted. That does not look like fun to me. I want people there so I can people watch. You can’t do that without people :laugh:


Labour day weekend and the few days into the next week, 2003 - it was a ghost town!


The least crowded for DW and I was BC & BT (before children & before teaching) was the week of Thanksgiving 1984. We walked on to every ride. As Thanksgiving came closer the parks became more crowded each day.


Early January has been the least crowded in my experience. Probably because it can be so cold!
The best was January of 2002 when travel hadn’t rebounded from 9/11 yet, and my friend and I were in Fantasyland, and there was only a handful of people. You don’t see that too often.


You’re so lucky!! We shared POR with the cheerleaders in Dec 2004 - the parks weren’t crowded, but the hotel was packed!!:eek:


The week before Memorial Day weekend!!! We have gone a lot of times during this week, and apparently, everyone waits until the next week to go, so you basically have the parks to yourself! Plus, the enjoyment of the F&G at Epcot. PERFECTION!!!


We were at WDW in Jan 2001 and early December 2001. Very short lines, if any and great weather.


We were at DL on Sept 12 the year after 9/11 it was dead that week. For WDW we have had 2 really slow times. September 2004 in between some of the Hurricanes and December 2005 early December (10th - 18th) were both really really slow times. It was great!! The only time we even considered a fastpass were weekend days!


My oldest DD and I went two days after Hurricane Charley in '04 (we were supposed to go the day after but Orlando Int’l was closed) and there was hardly anyone there. We walked on many, many rides.


We went last year Sept 11-17 and we waited for nothing…extra magic hours were crazy but as for everything else no waits…Some rides we were done and the guys asked if we wanted to go again…no need to get off…We are going again this year Sept 10-17…hopping for the same thing…It was like having a dream pass.


We stayed at POR from Dec 9 to Dec 15, 2003. The parks were not crowded, the busses ran smoothly and we had a great time. And the weather was nice, a bit cool for the MVMCP (45 degrees), but we had left 6 inches of snow at home, so who could complain!


We were at WDW that week last year and really enjoyed the lower crowd levels. It was so fun to see shorter lines. One night we did Buzz at least 8 times in a row with no wait, I was getting dizzy by the time we quit.


Yes, anytime between Jan 2 through like the first week in March (before Spring Break) the park is less crowded and a LOT cooler!! :laugh: