Least Crowded Ever?


The emptist I have seen the park was the first week after they started flying again after 9/11. We were standing in the middle of main street and there was noone else on the street and that was at 9:00 AM and when we took the boat from MGM to Boardwalk there were two other couples on it. We stop at Spoodles for a quick snack out side and talked the cast members into taking a break with us to finish the pizza. They were bored to death. We saw only three other couples walking while we sat there.


the first week of october last year was not at all corwded.


For me the lowest crowd (it doesn’t even qualify as a crowd at all) was the day Hurricane Jeanne was going to come ashore. The hurricane was supposed to come across WDW around midnight. WDW closed the parks around 7pm. We went to EPCOT that day, and it was absolutely empty! It rained off and on all day, but it wasn’t windy yet. Since pretty much everything at EPCOT is inside, we simply wore hooded jackets to walk from building to building. We were able to walk onto EVERYTHING.
In fact, that whole week was very un-crowded. WDW didn’t even bother having the Fast Pass system up and running at any of the parks that whole week!


Yea, we were there at that time as well. We also went back numerous times right after as well. I doubt if it will ever be that “un-crowded” again. The whole year following that horrific event was a sad time at Disney. There were so few folks there.:sad:


I don’t recall the specific dates (and I’m too lazy to go look them up), but it was ~ December 3-14, 2002. We’ve visited WDW a few times during the first few weeks of December and found the crowds are low (excepting the days of Mickey’s Xmas Party).


We were there that day too! It was a Saturday and we were in MK that day. We stayed at Caribbean Beach that year and I remember people were loading up on food the night before and were acting crazy like we would be cooped up for weeks!:laugh:


We went the week after 9/11, and there literally no one there. Very very sad time for our Nation back then, but we live so close and were planning to go anyway since the kids were all back to school by then…