Least Favorite


Everyone seems to ask the questions.Whats your favorite ----?

What is everyones least favorite Ride, Park, Eatery, Show, Etc.?

Mine would be the boat ride in Norway and I’m a Swede, MGM, Casey’s Corner (it was absolutly filthy), Hall of Presidents (BIG YAWN)


Aw, I love Maelstrom! The trolls crack me up. :laugh:

Snow White blows.


I pretty much don’t like Animal Kingdom. Don’t know what it is. I love EE, but the park as a whole, I don’t mind if we don’t even go. This coming trip we aren’t bothering. I know it’s hot and feels like there is no breeze, and I really hated the Bugs Life show in the TOL.
As far as food, we’ve done Rainforest Cafe at DTD 3 times and it’s always been horrible for me.


As far as food, we’ve done Rainforest Cafe at DTD 3 times and it’s always been horrible for me.[/QUOTE]

Thats funny you said RFC. We were there and my niece ordered some nachos. The pile of nachos would have fed an army. You would think the waiter would of said how big an order is. We all laughed but being a young teen she was very embarassed.


I know I will likely be strung up for this one, but both my DH and I HATE It’s Small World. We have continued to ride so each of our girls could experience it, but I have would like to through myself overboard about 30 seconds in, but that would only put me into Small World purgatory.

We ate at Mama Melrose’s once and it was awful. I could not eat it. Service was great though. All the cookie cutter burgers around are pretty bad.

The Country Bear Jamboree is pretty tired to me, but again I do it for the kids.

Even the corny attractions make me smile, though!


My least favorite

Ride: Astro Orbitor
Park:Animal Kingdom
Eatery: ABC Commisary
Show:Enchanted Tiki Room


Ride: Teacups
Park: Animal Kingdom
Eatery: Casey’s Corner (I think that’s the name of it)
Show: Sounds Dangerous
Attraction: Swiss Family Treehouse


My least favorite ride is Mission Space.

I am pretty sure I will never step foot on that ride again.

As for shows the movie they try to get you to watch when you exit Maelstrom is quite boring.


Ride: Buzz Lightyear Spaceranger Spin
Park: Animal Kingdom
Eatery: Tusker House
Show: Circle of Life
Attraction: Narnia


Ride: Stitch great escape
Park: Animal Kingdom
Eatery: 1900 park fare food stinks but the entertainment rocks
Show: lights motor action
Attraction: country bears


Park: Animal Kingdom
Ride: Stitch’s Great Escape
Attraction: Tiki Room
Eatery: Seasons in Epcot, can never find a seat!


Ride: Studio Backlot Tour (it used to be so much better, now the only thing interesting about it is Catastrophe Canyon)
Park: Animal Kingdom (it’s just too big and everything is soooo spread out…its exhausting!)
Eatery: San Angel Inn
Show: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage (too hot to stand out there to watch a long show)
Attraction: The Sea with Nemo & Friends (except i like Turtle Talk with Crush…but thats about it…i can go to an Aquarium close to home if i wanted to see fish)


I can’t say I have a least favourite park…I really like them all. Would Blizzard Beach count? Fake snow is not a novelty to me. And why would I want to look at it in Florida.

My least favourite ride: Stitch’s Great Escape. Disney should be ashamed of this one.

My least favourite attraction - Innoventions. Blech!

My least favourite show - Lights, Action, Motorcars. (I think you have to be a guy to love the smell of burnt rubber in 90 degrees heat)

My least favourite counterservice - Noodle Station at MK - does it still exist?

My least favourite restaurant - San Angel Inn (too bad, because the setting is beautiful).


Ride: Star Tours (sorry, but it needs kickin up a notch).
Food: Pecos Bill. nyeugh.
Attraction: Stitch’s Escape.
Park: DHS. I guess if you do it once, you’ve done it a million times.


Ride: Astro Orbitor
Park: HS, if it wasn’t for the muppet show, I would not even go .
Eatery: The Wave
Show: lights motor action


Ride: Indy Raceway (is it just me, but pressing the gas is painful - this ride is awful!)
Park: HS, especially during EMH. Unfortunately, there are some things I LOVE in this park, so I must go there twice each trip)
Eatery: CRT for dinner - blech! used to be good, not anymore
Show: Country Bear Jamborree…I find this racist and disturbing in its odd sexual connotations, but this seems to be just a personal thing…nobody else seems to mind it.


Hmm, this is an interesting post. I had to think about it before I made my final answer, lol.

Ride: Snow White
Park: Animal Kingdom
Table service: Hollywood & Vine
Counter Service: ABC Commisary


Ride: Living Seas with Nemo & friends. Yes, it needed a change but sorry…clam-mobiles wasn’t it. Kinda like 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

Park: Animal Kingdom. No matter how much WDW tries to convince me otherwise, it’s a Zoo…but with rides.

Food: Has to be Sci-Fi. Oh we’ll still go but it’s shake only stop now.

Attraction: It used to be Hunchback but now that’s gone i’d have to say Fantasmic. Good show but since viewing opportunities have dwindled, for me, it’s not worth waiting in a line 2 hours to be guaranteed a bleacher-style spot for another hour.


As far as food, we’ve done Rainforest Cafe at DTD 3 times and it’s always been horrible for me.[/QUOTE]

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”
Either Albert Einstein or Rudyard Kipling:redface:

I wouldn’t say it’s filthy, but it never really seems all that appetizing to me.
And of course, long time members know I don’t like roller cooked hot dogs.
I think I tend to blank out bad meals, although Nine Dragons ranks way down my list.

As for park, I feel that AK still doesn’t have enough attractions. Not sure if that qualifies it for least favorite, but I guess something has to be number 1 and something has to be number 4.


We don’t have a least favorite Park they all have something to offer
We only pick places to eat that has food listed we like and at time it falls short from the last time but we truely haven’t had a BAD meal.
I have been to Swiss Family Treehouse once in the 70’s and my family has never wanted to go so I ould have to pick it.
Rides seem to be for age groups so what I may like someone else wont. I don’t do Dumbo and what I consider KID rides but that’s just me