Leave A Legacy at Epcot


Has anyone done it? Is it a temporary exhibit or permanent?

Any thoughts?


I was thinking about it, also. Here is their email to me about it:

Thank you for expressing an interest in participating in the Leave a Legacy program. Leave A Legacy has two types of tiles. We have a picture tile (1 or 2 people per image) and we have a graphic/text tile. The cost of the tile is $25.00 for the first and $20 for each additional tile. The photo graph for the “face” tile must be taken at the Leave A Legacy location, (unfortunately, a picture from a picture; digital or otherwise; would not be possible); however the graphic/text tile can be purchased by phone or mail. We also have gifts certificates available.

We can put multiple tiles on the sculpture as a group (together)) and we do put graphic/text tiles and picture tiles in a group. We have different types of graphic/text tiles to choose from. We have the border tile, which allows up to 6 lines of text having 9 characters per line and we have the clip art tile. The clip art allows either: 1 line above the clip art; 1 line below or 1 line above and 1 line below and each having 14 characters per line.

We do have certain stipulations in doing the graphic/text. Unfortunately, group or club names, company names, political or religious references are not allowed. We are also not allowed to use the words "in loving memory of: although you can leave a graphic/text for your loved ones that have passed on but we prefer for you to speak of the essence of the life and the joy they had seen as this is supposed to be a Living Legacy.
Please contact us and we will help you design a tile that meets these guidelines, such as a name and date.

It normally takes 12 weeks for the etched panel to be received and mounted; 4-6 weeks for you to receive your certificate in the mail with a copy of the image at the top of the certificate and the location on the wall at the bottom of the certificate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 407-560-7235 or by e-mail.

Thanks and have a Magical Day!


It’s “permanent” and we’ve done it. It’s kinda neat, but at the same time a bit hokey. We only did it b/c it was part of a package that we bought for our 2003 visit. We had two rooms, so we got two squares: one for DW and I and one for the DKs.

The proof they send you is a decent keepsake and there is an element of “hey, that’s cool!” when you think that your picture has a permanent home at Epcot.

But, bear in mind, nothing Disney is permanent. The bricks outside MK get damaged all the time, and if it has your name on it… too bad, it’ll get replaced with a blank brick.

So, if there’s ever a major rework of the front plaza at Epcot, then those monoliths will be gone too. However, I’d imagine they’ll keep them for a couple of decades anyway…


I’ve been told that they are only guranteed to be at Epcot for 20 years. From there, if WDW decides to move them from Epcot, they will be placed somewhere else on WDW property.

I think the Leave a Legacy is a really good idea. The only problem is, you almost gotta have a magnifying glass just to be able to recognize yourself or your loved ones in the tiles. If Disney had just doubled the size of the tiles, then maybe they would be better. It seems that they could have made them larger, since they seem to have lots of empty space on the rocks.

In my opinion, I really wish they had continued the brick program over in front of MK, like they originally planned. They used to tell you that the “Walk around the world” brick sidewalk would eventually travel around the entire 7 Seas Lagoon. I don’t know why they quit selling them, but they are so much better than the tiny Leave a Legacy tiles at Epcot.


I think Disney over-anticipated the response to this concept. I truly believe Disney thought the tiles would be filled by now, so that begs the question… will they leave them up longer than originally planned?? I agree that after twenty some years they will, at least, be moved somewhere else. But I do think they will survive in one form or another for quite some time.

BTW… we got ours in a package deal also. My son and I did it since we only got one picture with our package. But now that a little princess is on the way… mommy says her and her daughter are going to take one next trip. :happy:


That was my fear about investing in the Leave A Legacy. I know the Walk Around the World didn’t go exactly as planned. I remember them saying that the tiles would extend all around the Lagoon too, and the first people would’ve gotten their tiles closer to the MK and the latecomers were going to get theirs farther away. Instead they stopped doing it altogether, and as someone else mentioned, if your tile that had been already bought somehow got damaged, it didn’t get replaced.

I’m afraid that Leave A Legacy will be scrapped and those pillars will be moved to some deep dark corner of WDW instead of in their prime location where they are now.

In any case, if I do it, I may do the text version instead of the photo, like Disneyhog says, the pics are so small and kind of awkward looking.


We did it with our DD’s (it was part of a package) our girls are looking forward to finding it when we go back in 3 weeks!


You can say that again. They thought that it would have filled up during the Millenium Celebration in 2000, but here we are in 2005 (almost 2006) and there is still plenty of room.

I always thought that they would replace a brick, name and all, if it got damaged. If you look, there are some bricks that have names on them and are in a big group of bricks in poor condition, but there is that one or two that look fairly new. I heard that they will replace it if you request it. They probably don’t just do it.

I, too, wish they had continued the bricks. I just got married at the Wedding Pavilion in June and we would have loved to have gotten a brick on the walkway just outside (there’s plenty of room), but they didn’t offer that anymore.


We did it this trip. We got two tiles. One for DH and I and the other for DD.
I just want DD to be able to go show her kids one day that she was there when she was little.


We got ours the very first month that they were offered and we checked it every time we are there. We also have a brick at the MK and it in a place that not walk upon hardly at all and we’ll check that also next week.


They look sort of goofey to me. The pictures are hardly recognizable and just something else to have to walk around.

Sounded like a cool idea, but it looks more like an idea that needed some more thought.

Like Disney REALLY needs another way to get our money!


ooooh that sounds like exactly the kind of thing I always buy into! hehe
If I end up working in Epcot I’ll get one with a pic of me in my uniform :tongue:


I have to agree with this. Those pictures could be of anyone, they’re so difficult to see! But what do you want for $25 from Disney? I think more people would have bought them if they were larger and looked better.

I know I would have, and I would have paid more than $25 if it truly were a lasting legacy.


I’ve done it and I’ll be honest, I’ve only looked at it once. The photos are so small, they seem to be showing ALOT of wear, I personally think the statues they are on are ugly, and it is kinda hard to find your photo. I did it because, well I have no excuse, haha but I personally feel that my “Walk Around the World” brick is a lot more exciting and worth it. Although, mine is right in front of the MK gates, so maybe that’s why.
I defiantely wouldn’t bother with the “Leave a Legacy.”


We did it because it was part of a package as well - 2003. Ours dosen’t have a picture - just our names and the date. The next year when we came back it was kind of neat to see if but we forgot about it by our trip last October. I just remembered that we never saw it this time when I read this thread!


I agree with all who say that the pictures look strange. That’s why earlier I said that if I do it I’d do the text only version. I don’t need a distorted image of my face greeting all who enter Epcot. I just think it’d be cool knowing that no matter where I am, be it work or wherever, my name and my words are on display at Epcot. It’s a Disney thing, we at DC would understand, many others wouldn’t. :tongue:


We’ve done it, and we make it part of our ritual to visit ourselves everytime back. I like our pictures!! And I know that their us!!! :tongue:


You’re not DoomBuggy05 are you??? :tongue:

(He didn’t exactly appreciate my LaL comment one time.)


DH and I with our daughter’s did this when they first started. For our family it is also a ritual that we visit these tiles every trip. Infact, on our last day we re-visit ourselves again… It’s become one of our many traditions that we have to do when we visit Disney. :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


We also did a text version as part of the package. I hope to see it one day. :smile: