Leaving a day early from resort


O.K., say you need to leave a day early from your WDW resort because of whatever reason, do you pay for the nights you actually stayed or do you have to pay the whole thing?


You have to pay for your entire package/reservation, that includes meal plan and tickets. I would call and make what changes you can now or wind up paying for nights you didn’t use.


I’m concerned because my twin sister’s due date falls right smack in the middle of my vacation; anyway, I only have resort only ressie, I called today and they told me is at the discretion of the hotel manager wether I have to pay or not. Here’s hoping for a late baby!:happy:


I would suspect then that even if it’s not busy season, that if you explain WHY you need to leave early, then there wouldn’t be a problem.

Tell ya what, instead of hoping for late… I’ll just pray for healthy. :wink:


Yea, they still charge the full amount. We lost our park hopper tickets and DL wouldn’t cut us any deal to buy replacements. So we checked out early that morning and drove home.


Tell the baby you’re going to WDW…he/she will just have to understand! :laugh: :wink:


How long ago was that? That’s not how they do it anymore.

ParkHoppers are easily voided and replacing them might take 30 minutes, but it’s not a bad process, assuming you used a credit card or kept the receipt.

Is there more to this story?:confused:


If it was a long time ago that probably was the case. When I was 12 WDW still had the multi-day paper tickets, WELL, I acidentally left my camera case with my park hopper in it on a boat headed for the MK and nobody turned it in. There were still 2 days left on the ticket and they offered no deals, no discounts, etc. on a replacement. It’s a lot different now b/c they are all electronic.


Couple of thoughts.

  1. If being there for your sister’s delivery is important, why not reschedule the entire vacation?

  2. I would not count on a manager not charging you. I would think it’s a rare occurance. Not to mention, if I were manager, my first thought would be, “Didn’t you have 9 months to rearrange vacation plans for this pregnancy?”

  3. MM’s comments need to EMPHASIZE having receipts. We always photocopy our tickets and keep them in a safe place. Two trips ago, we lost DS’ ticket, and having a photocopy got us a new ticket in a matter of minutes. Without it, we would have had to buy a new ticket.


you have to pay for the whole thing…


I’m afraid that’s most likely right. Even if you make changes before your arrival date package that reduce the price of the package you have to pay a penalty (I think $60 up until 48 hours, then $200). Not sure that they allow you to make any changes after the trip starts.