Leaving in the morning!


:biggrin: Just a quick post to say “See Ya!” We leave really, really early in the morning, and we have a jam-packed day today. Probably no time to get back online before we go! (I didn’t take Dana’s tried-and-true advice and so I have a lot of packing to do still! Gulp!)

Anyway, I will find Gingita and hand over the Official DC Autograph Book! Everyone remember to get to her and sign it when you are at WDW!

Also, I will track down Doughnut’s pressed penny and I will hide it someplace great! Next person to go down will have to hunt for it and hide it again!

And I will take pics and try to do a good TR when we get back! :tongue:


YAY MissDisney!!!

<marquee> :mickey: Have a MAGICAL trip!!! :mickey: </marquee>

We’ll miss ya 'round here, have a blast for all of us. Take LOTS of pictures, of course!!!


Bye Miss Disney.

Have a great trip!!!


Have a wonderful time!


Have A Great Time Miss D!!! :smile:


Have A wonderful Time!!!


Have a wonderful trip!!


I am so excited to meet you! Have a great and magical trip! :mickey:


Have a great trip MisDisney!!! :happy: :happy:


Have a super trip! I can’t wait to meet you!!!


Have a wonderful trip, can’t wait to hear the details!


Have a fun and safe trip! :mickey:

I spoke with my friend today(who is in Disney) and she said the weather is great!


Hugs to you MissD! Have a magical time and say hi to the Briar Patch!


Have a magical trip MissDis!! Looking forward to a great trip report.


Happy travels! Give the mouse a squeeze from me :wub:


Have a great time,Miss Disney!!!


Stupid double posts!!!


Oh My Goodness!!! I should probably be packing too!!! :wink:

I am soo excited!



:mickey: :mickey: Hey Miss D and Lil Miss D!!!
Have a Wonderful and Safe Trip!!! :mickey: :mickey:


Have a wonderful time!!! Are you going to be in Epcot at all next weekend?