Leaving in the Morning!


Since I won’t be able to check in tomorrow AM. As gotta be up early to catch the flight to Orlando. Figured better take this time and say Thanks to all who answered my questions and will probably have made this trip hopefully nice and smooth. :happy: I will have a journal with me so should be able to take pretty good notes, which means in turn will be able to remember things I normally wouldn’t…:laugh:

If anyone else is there this coming week…be on the look out for a middle 30s dark blonde with tons of tigger stuff on.:blush:


Have a great trip!!


yay, finally! Enjoy, have a great time, I wish you a dream and lots of sunshine :smile:


Have a wonderful trip, and take lots of photos for us!!!


Have a great trip!


Hooray, I can just feel that “night-before” excitement! :biggrin: Have a safe and wonderful trip!!