Leaving in the morning


FINALLY my trip has arrived we leave for the cold weather in the morning! Leaving the snow and cold to enter the lesser of the cold! I can’t believe a cold front has moved into my vacation! Two days at the Wilderness lodge and 3 nights on the Wonder with one extra at the end to go to the MVMCP! DS’s asked if the will need thier winter coats in FLorida and said no but may need hats and gloves! :angry:


We have found that at WDW we barely notice the weather. The magic is too strong!


Lucky you, be safe and have fun!


Hope you have a great time and that the weather isn’t too cold! I’m sure it will be a magical trip! Please take lots of pictures to share here!

Have fun!!!


Have a wonderful time! I am sure the weather wont stop you from enjoying the magic-have fun!


Some years ago we were at disney and it was cold, cold, cold. I went to get hot chocolate to try to survive until fireworks at Epcot. I came back to DH and he was so wrapped up in his jacket you barely saw his eyes. My first response was “honey, you look like a mugger”. :ohmy: Funny what things stand out as a memory. And even after going thru that, we still make most of our trips at this time frame. I’d rather wear a jacket and gloves, than pass out from the heat.

Have a safe trip. :happy:


At least you will be cold in Disney World!


From a fellow Michigander,

Disney cold is a tad bit easier on the nose and toes than a good, Michigan freeze…

Hope it warms up enough to break out the t-shirts…and that’d be the 50’s, right?!

Have a very magical trip. We’ll be chasing after you in 11 days…:cool:


Last year we were visiting the Inlaws in Florida and it was SO SO COLD…! Coming from an island where the coldest it really gets is in the 50s (at the dead of night like once a year) we were freezing while we were there. We had to buy coats, gloves and hats for all of us since it was so cold. On the bright side, I visited my Dad’s house next and it was snowing so at least we had coats for that!

The girls still loved it… I did too even though Im a wimp when it comes to cold.


Have a great time and dress warm. At least it’s going up to about 60 today… much better than it is here.