Leaving tomorrow


I’m getting all the last minute packing done and I am heading out at 5 am tomorrow!!! Probably won’t sleep much tonight, but lets hope for good weather for the next 9 days that I am in DISNEY!!!

Talk to you all when I get back!!!


Have a wonderful, safe trip!!



Take lots of pics and keep good notes. We’re expecting a detailed TR when you return. :wink:

Have a great trip!


have fun…make memories!


Have a magical trip! Maybe I’ll see ya there :mickey:


I am leaving tomorrow maybe I will see u ther and ariel c-ya :mickey:


Have a great and wonderful trip.

Man this is hurting. No September trip this year because of the new additions to our extended family - both ourselves and my sister.

And three of my friends are taking their respective families within the next 3 weeks AND my aunt and uncle are taking their kids down in October.

This is TORTURE!!!

Oh well - keeping focused on the Disney Asia tour in 2008 - TDL, TDS and DLHK.


have a wonderful and safe trip. please get there and home safely. have fun and don’t forget to tell us all about it when you get back!


Have a magically, funfilled time!!!