I am going to have to leave DC- I have been becoming kind of addicted and my parents don’t like forums very much. So I will have to leave… sorry guys. I will miss you! Bye…


Omg…you Can’t Leave!!! It Is Too Soon To Say Goodbye Now!!! This Disney Ohana Must Stay Together!!!


Wow, that is sad. I am surprised your parents don’t like this forum. Have they read the posts here? We will miss you!


Sorry girl… take care of yourself


Sorry to see you go. I think if you let your parents read some of the posting here, they may reconsider (and I am a parent of 3).


I understand, my mom doesn’t like me posting, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. DC is the safest forum, Disney-wise, and this way she doesn’t hear about Disney 24/7.


We will miss you, you’ve been a joy to have around. I hope your parents reconsider, but for now, it’s best to listen to them!


Colette, I’m so sorry to see you go. I understand completely though; when I was living at home my parents were not fond of me being on this site either. I guess it’s natural for them to be concerned. :sad:

I hope you can come back sometime! You will be missed. :crying:


I am sorry to hear you have to leave. I understand where your parents are coming from, they are looking out for your best interest. Not all forums are the same but we work hard to keep DC a safe place for people of all ages. Maybe you can ask your parents to lurk here and then make a final decision.


Sorry to hear that you have to leave us. Have you asked your parents to sit down and read some of things that are talked about? I know that the DC is addictive and maybe you can work something out with them that you will only spend a certain amount of time on the site? Just a thought…


Oh no. I hate to see you go. I can totally relate to your parent’s concerns being a parent myself. Maybe if they just checked us out…I hope they do. WE are a great family-oriented group who are more family than internet strangers. Wishing you the best and most importantly a magical trip to WDW. I hope you can sneak on and let us know how it went. :mickey:


I know I haven’t known you long but I sure will miss you around here. Fresh Prince says it best… “no need to argue, parents just don’t understand.”

Best of luck, maybe you can stop by from time to time.



I just realized, I’m a parent now too. :blink: Oh well… age and the unknown are factors too I guess.


I am so sorry that you have to leave…hopefully it will just be for a little bit. Don’t worry, when you are ready to return we will still be around! We will miss you, but I know we will see you soon enough. Take care if yourself. :flowers: :flowers:


That is too bad, because I consider this one of the safest sites out there. But, as the parent of an almost 10 year old, who is becoming addicted to the computer, I can relate. Everything in moderation is fine, and if I could keep her to 30 minutes a day with no argument I would have no problem with her computer usage. She is a very busy girl so I think any more than that would interfere with more important things like schoolwork. We also monitor what she is looking at too.

Have you tried talking to them about a per day time limit? And of course encourage them to look at this site. But if they agree, you have to agree to stick to it too. That is my problem with DD. She agrees, but then begs for just a little more time. That signals addiction for sure.


Oh no! I’m sorry you have to leave… you’re so much fun! You stumped me quite a few times in the games thread. :laugh: I completely understand about your parents, but we’ll miss you! All the suggestions you’re getting are great. Hope somehow you can come back soon! :slight_smile:


You’ll be back. Trust one who knows. It’s virtually impossible to stay away!! See you sometime. :flowers:


I guess I can’t add anything to what’s already been said. I’ve enjoyed your posts and your enthusiasm, so I’m sorry to say goodbye. Hopefully something can be worked out! Take care :flowers:


OK. I am able to check back to see you guys… but I can’t be like ALWAYS HERE. Because of my school work and everything, my parents think I am too addicted. I must say, I honestly have been. So I really will rarely be on- but I can check back some times. I have been feeling that I am kind of attached. lol So I will keep my SN and everything and come by sometimes. Thank you for caring so much! But I have and my parents are thinking that it can’t be terribly healthy to be so young and so computer crazy. lol I will stop by a couple of times, but I won’t be on as much as I used to. You guys were so much fun, though! See ya later!


Best of luck to you! Still drop in and read what’s going on if you can! :mickey: