LeCellier - Fri, Sept. 25th at 2:55 PM


I have a reservation for 2 at Le Cellier on Sept. 25th at 2:55 PM that we aren’t going to be able to use ( we are going to Cali Grill later that nite instead). Please let me know if someone can use it and I can pm you the confirmation number. Thanks.


Wow, this is the second of these threads in two days now!
With a 2:55 reservation time, you might be able to talk them into letting you order from the dinner menu instead of the lunch menu.
(This day doesn’t work for me, but I’ve got my own reservation for 30 days later)

Stacy, you might well enjoy California Grill more. Plus, you’ll be able to return and watch MK fireworks that night even if you’ve finished dinner and paid your check long before show time.
(Side note: Don’t dawdle at your table too long after you’ve finished just so you can watch fireworks, there are many other people waiting for tables who also have reservations. I’ve been forced to sit on the floor and wait 50 minutes for my table in the past. As I said, you will be allowed back up.)


We have a 7:50 at Cali Grill with Hallowishes at 9:30. Hoping the timing works out but if not, we will just head back up as we are staying at Contemporary this trip. Hard to believe this trip is almost here - leaving on the 25th!!


If your reservation is 7:50, you’ll probably either be finishing dessert, or will have just paid your check. If you’ve paid and it’s 9:15, just go out to the deck and kill the 15 minutes.
However, if your room faces the MK, you might be better just watching from your own balcony. They broadcast the show music on one of the hotel info channels (possibly 21).
If you watch from your room, you’ll be a little lower and less off axis than the 15th floor observation deck.